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Colossus - ...And The Rift Of The Panimensional Under-gods Award winner

...And The Rift Of The Pandimensional Under-gods
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 05 August 2010, 2:08 PM

It is good to know that there are still record labels out there that actually pay attention to the Metal scene and from time to time discover new bands. In a certain extent the Internet has took over the promotion part for new music but one cannot search the entire web for something interesting. After all, back in the old days this was exactly the job of record labels; to find and promote bands that could make a difference money-wise for them and music-wise for us. I strongly believe that the above situation applies to COLOSSUS and Killer Metal Records who had the idea of distributing the band's debut album in Europe since it was officially released in the US in 2007.

Having in mind the current trend to sound 'old-school' and to return to the 80s, I kind of lowered my expectations as soon as I had read COLOSSUS' biography starting with this sentence: "Remember when Heavy Metal was supposed to be fun?". And this because I am fed up with new bands that claim they will bring back the 80s since they only thing they manage to do is sound like copycats.

Fortunately for me, this landscape changed with the opening musical notes of "Limit Break". The galloping track and the melodic vocals really carried me away and made me forget the initial thoughts. Along with the galloping rhythms there are double guitar harmonies that, without question, underline the influences from the prime IRON MAIDEN works. The NWOBHM breeze comes with the ANGELWITCH sounding vocals while the epic background pays respect to bands like OMEN. Just like the impressive 10 minutes of "Willow" proving that COLOSSUS can see farther away from their influences in their attempt to create something of their own. Sean Buchanan sounds like a real storyteller creating images that could belong to a Robert Howard story with Conan as the main character. There is a lot of sing-along parts bringing COLOSSUS close to MANOWAR's debut album waving the banner of the traditional US Heavy Metal music with pride.

Nicky Nixon and Bill Fischer are the strong backbone to the music presenting solid guitar riffs, MAIDEN-esque rhythms and very good 'old school' solos with a lot of melody in them. Among the album highlights I have to mention the epic "Hoc'tel", the 80s sounding "Colossus with the very good guitar themes and riff driven "Salamandastron" (what is the meaning of this word?) with the distinct Murray-Smith guitar leads and fills.

Many kudos should go to Killer Metal Records for discovering this US gem and for giving us the chance to listen to this impressive debut. I hope that the label will move on and distributes the "Drunk On Blood" EP too in the original form of a vinyl record. If traditional Heavy Metal is your cup of tea then COLOSSUS is a 'must' for your collection. I am already waiting for their next album!

4 Star Rating

  1. Limit Break
  2. The Message
  3. Salamandastron
  4. One Was Man
  5. Willow
  6. Ghostfucker
  7. Bubba Zanetti
  8. Legends Of The Future
  9. Hoc'tel
  10. Colossus
  11. G.F. Nocturne
Sean Buchanan - Vocals
Nicky Nixon - Guitars
Bill Fischer - Guitars
Ry Eshelman - Bass
Ben Smith - Drums
Record Label: Killer Metal Records


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