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Comecon - Megatrends in Brutality (Reissue)

Megatrends in Brutality (Reissue)
by James Brizuela at 23 January 2020, 6:11 AM

COMECON, a death metal band of Swedish origin, originally formed in 1991. They released a split in 1991, and their first full-length album “Megatrends In Brutality”, followed in 1992. COMECON never actually had a traditional drummer, they used a drum machine on their records, while using ficticious drummer names. “Megatrends In Brutality” featured the vocal prowess of Lars Petrov of ENTOMBED. Now COMECON has seen fit to re-release “Megatrends In Brutality”.

At the first initial listen, I love how thrashy the sound is for COMECON. They are said to be a death metal band, but I gather there is a great deal more thrash influence than that of a death metal sound. “Dog Days” opens the album in a very prototypical thrashy way. Not to say that is a bad sound. I love thrash and death metal, so it works for me. The second track, “Slope” has a more of a death metal sound to it, plus this sort of eerie see-saw type melody that interjects in the track. There seems to be a very vicious punch in the music, even though the tracks seem to be on the shorter side. As the albums goes on you get the more obvious death metal sound coming in a lot more.

But for me, the implemented thrash sounds add that extra layer of headbanging power. “Ulcer” has a more melodious sound to it, while carrying on with the thrash excitement. For an album that was originally released in 1992, there is a lot of depth to the sound. There are some impressive guitar solos that are blanketed within the music that add that extra power. The opening of “The Mule” is one such track that kicks into high gear with the guitar solo. I love how the vocals of Lars aren’t overpoweringly muddy either, you can clearly discern what lyrics are being said. It gives you time to focus more on the musicianship of the album, which is quite impressive. Finally, there is a level change in the speed of the music when it comes to “Teuton Tantrums”. This track is completely melodious. The beautiful guitar work cascades over the chanting backing vocals. Providing another look at the musical prowess of COMECON.

Megatrends In Brutality” is a vicious thrashy death metal album for the ages. Even though it came out almost 40 years ago, the sounds and production have held up very well. And this re-release has the correct track listing, which is a subject of great disdain in the world of the original release. Jam this one in your speakers!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Dog Days
2. Slope
3. Ulcer
4. The Mule
5. Conductor of Ashes
6. Teuton Tantrums
7. Omivorous Excess
8. Good Boy Benito
9. Armed Solution
10. The Future Belongs To Us
11. Wash Away The Filth
Rasmus Ekman – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Pelle Ström – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Lars Petrov – Vocals
Record Label: Vic Records


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