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Commander - Altar Of Bones (CD)

Altar Of Bones
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 March 2007, 7:15 PM

Hmmm, what do we have here? A pretty classic name, a totally old school cover, a logo that seems it has been drawn in the 80's and no label mentioned on the case. Something tells me that this album is going to remind me a lot of things. Oh, here's something that is totally out of the 80's spirit. You have to see the guitarist; it is as if he just got out from an Emocore party! No offense, but the style has nothing to do with the rest of the band!

First of all I would like to say that COMMANDER (the band I review now) has nothing to do with the late 80's classic Heavy Metal band COMMANDER. So, they were formed in 2004 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Their only release before this album was the Wall Of Swords demo in 2005. Now, they decided to record their debut album and release by themselves.

What would you expect from an album whose cover features, skeletons, a throne and blood? Hell yeah fuckers! Pure Thrash Metal that defies the words progression and freshness and delivers a relentless sample of how honest and passionate Thrash Metal was two decades ago. Let's examine what this album has to offer. Regarding the production, the sound is not the best you have ever listened since it is a self-financed work and as it seems, these guys did not spend much money on this album. The ten tracks of this album are not something extraordinary or the best Thrash Metal you have ever came across, but this album was definitely a pleasant break from all the Metalcore, NWOSDM and in general common shit. This band reminded me of bands like ACID REIGN and XENTRIX, as well as a bit of SACRED REICH. This album is nothing more than a decent and honest work by four passionate guys who live and breathe for this music. While listening to Altar Of Bones you will feel the passion and the energy these guys have!

This album is far from being characterized as amazing or even good, but it is a great album for all the thrashers who still feel like living in the 80's and miss those times! The rest of you, better think carefully before doing anything.

2 Star Rating

Decree Of Pain
Coils Of Medusa
Blood Funnel
Fatal Blow
Royal Assassin
666 Steps
Demonic Tutor
Temporary Insanity
Empty The Catacombs
Altar Of Bones
Chris Hightower - Vocals
Johnny B - Guitar
Josh Hines - Bass
Jeremie Pryor - Drums
Record Label: Self Financed


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