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Concrete Funeral - Ultimum Judicium

Concrete Funeral
Ultimum Judicium
by Quinten Serna at 14 June 2019, 5:07 PM

From the torrent and tumult of Calgary, Alberta, Canada comes CONCRETE FUNERAL an unabated, uninhibited, and uncaring Thrash Metal group. CONCRETE FUNERALConcrete Funeral - Ultimum Judicium

 was founded in 2015 on the pillars of Death and Thrash Metal and four years later those influences not only shine through, but have laid way for the very foundation of the band helping define their tone and sound independent from others in the field.

The album commences with an odd start, a complete schism from the rest of the album sounding like the opening narrative to a 90s Saturday Morning cartoon before breaking the thinly veiled 4th wall and driving home their convention of fast and heavy. “Ultimum Judicium” does as it is intended and paves the way as an introduction to both the band, and their themes, yet it is within the soundscape of “Speak to the Devil” that we are gifted with the reveries of metal as one quick snare hit signals the start of the Thrash Metal maelstrom that is Concrete Funeral.

The entirety of the music within the album wears itself upon the listener as something of violence and anger, the listener, then, is taken upon a journey to a world of pestilence and perpetual ire—such visages are granted through acts like “Holo-Comb” a sickening and perverse tale of death by a swarm—of which we never learn which beast inhabits the swarm—and the slow but painful inevitability of their pursuit; “Carnival of Contradictions” which does its damndest to describe, succinctly, the human condition in its most foulest of attributes, such that we are but walking shadows constantly embellishing our own wake and living only in the most selfish of conditions; and the aptly named “Stabbed to Death” which consists entirely of what the title names, though melodically speaking it is probably the most uplifting track on the album.

The production of the album is well met and does well to set itself apart from most other unsigned acts out there making it near impossible to discern that this band had no label backing it during the recording or production process. The guitars are high—an ode to the influence of death metal—but complete and full at the same time; the drums have the perfect mix in reference to the strings and vocals neither being too quiet to hear nor too loud to drown out the remaining instruments; and the vocals are ungodly, sinister, and very dynamic it would be difficult to imagine this band with any other type of singing accompanying the music, and the mastery of setting non-repeating lyrics to the music is a key feature that does not go unnoticed. Suffice it to say that such is an incredible find and an amazing addition to any library or playlist for anyone with tendencies towards Speed, Thrash, or Death Metal.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ultimum Judicium
2. Speak to the Devil
3. Drown
4. Holo-Comb
5. Code Adam
6. Toxic Fuck
7.  Mattress Stains
8. Carnival of Contradictions
9. Stabbed to Death
Paul Mercer - Bass
Connor Erhart - Drums
Jesse Lindbeck - Guitars (Lead)
Devin Schum - Guitars (Rhythm) and Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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