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Concrete Winds - Primitive Force

Concrete Winds
Primitive Force
by Martin Knap at 12 August 2019, 2:27 PM

A quick glance at CONCRETE WINDS’ history and self-presentation will make it amply clear that they’re not what you would call an accessible band. Quite the contrary: everything about them screams “extreme” and “obscure”. It really doesn’t get more underground and extreme than this. CONCRETE WINDS continue the legacy of VORUM, a Death Metal from Åland Islands (which are a part of Finland, if I’m not mistaken), which was in existence for ten years and has released several EPs and one LP. Most of their releases came out on Woodcut Records, a well respected underground label that has signed big names in the Finnish extreme Metal scene such as HORNA, TROLLHEIMS GROTT or BEHEXEN in the past, their last EP was released by the German label Sepulchral Voice Records, that has bands like GRAVE MIASMA or VENENUM on its roster. Information on CONCRETE WINDS is a bit sparse otherwise.

CONCRETE WINDS’ style is savage and abrasive, it’s the kind of grinding Blackened Death Metal that is sometimes called War Metal – think bands like REVENGE, ARCHGOAT and the like. To the untrained ear this music may seem as an excuse for someone to hide his lack of talent, and there is a lot of unlistenable BS out there for sure. Luckily we’re here to separate wheat from chaff and tell you if the band has it in them or not. CONCRETE WINDS are fortunately a talented band that knows how to make it work. The songs shift between raw, primitive grinding and groovier parts that offset the harshness and add a bit of a “brutal” vibe here and there; what ties it all together are the guitar “leads” – or rather squealing and buzzing - which sound appropriately abrasive, the songs also have off-kilter sounding, but pretty sharp and fast solos. The songs sometimes have surprising shifts, for example the title song shifts between grinding and SUFFOCATION-y grooves, but there is a middle-section with a buzzing, almost Industrial sounding riff. An absolute winner for me is the song “Tyrant Pulse,” that must be one of my favorite Death or Black Metal songs of the year. Sandwiched between the blasting and grinding is a dancy groove that sounds like out of some Industrial Techno. It sounds catchy but fierce at the same time. Most of the nine songs on the album are short (two to three minutes long), as is the album’s total play-time, which is around 25 minutes. The longest song is the closer “Death Transmission” which clocks at the fourth minute mark. Beside the off-the-wall riffs the song also stands out because of the a really nasty sounding breakdown.

This music is obviously not for everyone, it may rip a new one even to someone who is used to more extreme Metal. I think this is a really good effort from CONCRETE WINDS, it sounds as War Metal is supposed to sound: unhinged but tight at the same time. I’m not totally blown away by everything on there, a song like, let’s say, “Angelic Laceration” is a bit “meh” compared to “Tyrant Pulse,” but overall, the album is very solid. If you fancy something that’s really “out there”, give this a listen.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Infant Gallow
2. Sulphuric Upheaval
3. White Cut Manifest
4. Primitive Force
5. Tyrant Pulse
6. Dissident Mutilator
7. Volcanic Turmoil
8. Angelic Laceration
9. Death Transmission
Mikko - Drums
P.J. - All other instruments
Record Label: Sepulchral Voice


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Edited 07 July 2020

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