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Condition Critical - Operational Hazard Award winner

Condition Critical
Operational Hazard
by V. Srikar at 12 March 2014, 9:09 PM

Every once in a while there comes a band that just wants to bleed the fuck out of your eardrums and make you beg for more of the aggression. CONDITION CRITICAL is all about that and more. It’s that Thrash that you want to play to piss off the outside world. The music reminds me of LICH KING, MUNICIPAL WASTE, EGOKILL, BONDED BY BLOOD, FUELED BY FIRE, VIOLATOR, LAAZ ROCKIT and not for nothing were they given the nickname “Demolition Hammer Jr”. CONDITION CRITICAL unleash their signature brand of Thrash metal to die-hard fans of the genre and the unsuspecting alike. Though formed only in 2010, these boys from New Jersey, USA seem to know how to thrash and not sound monotonous.

The anthemic guitar works of both Tony Barhoum and Alonso Maguiño complement each other and make for a great head-banging and air guitaring moments. Songs like “Morning Sickness” beautifully combine head banging riffs along with the guitar solos without making it sounding like a mess. The guitar solo from 2:09 is one of the best that I have ever heard in my life, especially due to the effect it brings into the whole music and that continues for almost for 45 seconds!! The drums and bass does exactly what’s expected of them and does nothing extraordinary or noteworthy to a large part, though Mike Dreher does bring out interesting bass solos occasionally, but it’s the gang vocals of Alonso Maguino is what really what helps the album maintain its intensity and take the experience to a whole new level, though it’s not the first time that you might have heard in a Thrash album. “Surgical Malpractice” has to be my favourite song of the album because of its catchy riffs and short tempos

CONDITION CRITICAL play their Thrash fast, aggressive and loud and it works for them and anybody looking to mosh, should crank up this album without second thoughts. “Operational Hazard” works mostly because it combines the fast air guitaring aggressive music with the headbangable riffs every now and then. While song names like “Surgical Malpractice”, along with the lyrics and the album cover art speak about the intentional dangerous Medical Malpractices as the name of the album suggests and reminds me of SURGICAL STEEL album by CARCASS brought out last year, the production is great and is one of the best that I have heard in a long time, especially for a Thrash album.

These boys are making big waves in the Thrash scene having already played live with some well-seasoned artists such as OBITUARY, MORBIT SAINT, JUNGLE ROT, D.R.I. and WHIPLASH just to name a few. This album has created high hopes of this band and “Operational Hazard” surely will please the old schoolers and I’m quite surprised that it’s gone without a whisker even though it was released last year. 

5 Star Rating

1. Random Acts of Killing
2. Parasitic Torment
3. Morning Sickness
4. Sector 16
5. Shock Therapy
6. Gravitational Dismemberment
7. Surgical Malpractice
8. Dr. Criti Kill
Alonso Maguiño – Guitar / Vocals
Ryan Donato - Drums
Mike Dreher - Bass
Tony Barhoum - Guitar
Record Label: Burned By God Records


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