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Conflict – Decision Code

Decision Code
by Joseph Hausmann at 26 July 2020, 8:28 AM

Industrial Metal band CONFLICT has released their latest album "Decision Code." This conceptual album takes place in the near future of 2048 in a world ruled by a technocracy that has destroyed the world. CONFLICT has made this visualization possible by blending synth elements and heavy instrumentals to give the album a very futuristic feel. They also employ a symphonic element with a dash of Death Metal to boot. The overarching melodies bring a balance to the heavy gritty sound to really give the listener another added layer of sound. The band was formed in 2004 out of Moscow, Russia and has continued to grow since their inception.

The first thing that is intriguing about this band is the vocals used throughout the entire album. "2048" gives us a forceful vocal performance full of gutturals and clean melodies that complement each other very well. Anna shifts vocal styles throughout this track in seamless and very well executed way. Then there is the heavy Industrial influence that makes the track have a very realistic machine feel. "Autonomous" begins with a dictatorial speech that explodes into heavy riffing, giving the vibe of a rebellious spirit. Bring in the powerful vocals and that feeling of rebellion grows with exponential intensity. In this track, the symphonic and synth layers add to the depth of the heavy track. This forms the futuristic sound that the band is trying to portray and again it is well done.

"Art Of Resistance" builds on that rebellious feeling, as you get the rage against this technocratic power that has taken over. The resistance is being formed in this track. The soft vocals begin as a whisper before the rage ignites within and really comes out with savage gutturals. There are many electronic elements used in this track. They track conveys very visual imagines of resistance: a whisper that builds into a full rebellion. "Decision Code" has heavy electronic elements that are used as a support to the driving instrumentals. The riffs throughout this album tend to change with the song almost as if each track is an act in a movie or play. The instrumentals continue the Industrial feel as they are very abrupt and mechanical.

"Room 101" is a hammerfall of bludgeoning riffs that fade away to give the electronic elements a more prominent role. When this track kicks into full gear, the instrumentals really get you headbanging. The gutturals are crisp and savage. Anna changes her range throughout the album through different techniques, adding more and more layers. "New Industrial Order" feels like a song straight out of a nuclear apocalypse. The guitar melodies at the beginning sound like whispers of ghosts gone past in a desolate wasteland. There is an underlying synth track that gives a futuristic feel as well. The song continues to build, the further it goes, the heavier it gets. You can feel the despair in the tones. I visualized a survivor looking upon the land and seeing the devastation of the world around them. Everything is gone, destroyed. This track is fully instrumental with no vocals and is the perfect ending to this concept album.

CONFLICT has given us a beautifully and disturbing album with "Decision Code." The melodies are mostly melancholy and dark fitting the concept of a dystopian near future. The addition of the synth and electronic elements gives us that futuristic sound that is needed in an album such as this. Listening to the album as a whole, you can tell that each track is meticulously designed to tell an ominous story. Almost a warning for the future to come.

Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8
Songwriting: 8

4 Star Rating

1. 2048
2. Autonomous
3. Art Of Resistance
4. D-Evolution
5. Megapolis
6.  Decision Code
7. To Serve And Protect
8.  Room 101
9. Speechless
10. The Architect
11. Deadlock
12. New Industrial Order
Anna ‘Hel’ Milyanenko – Vocals
Aleksey Kurpyakov – Bass
Rodion Skityayev – Guitar
Mikhail Conflictov – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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