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Conjureth – Majestic Dissolve

Majestic Dissolve
by Thomas Kumke at 28 November 2021, 11:24 PM

CONJURETH hailing from San Diego, California are a newly formed Death Metal band. They released two demos in 2020 and “Majestic Dissolve” is their debut full-length album. It was mixed and mastered at Spanish Moontower Studios. The album was released via Spanish Label Memento Mori which is specialized in Death and Doom Metal. It has a length of about 37 minutes.

The good thing about new bands is that they often are unbiased and take their inspirations from everywhere. This is particularly of importance in Death Metal which has a pretty detailed categorization into regions and schools. CONJURETH are not afraid to take the best of all worlds, hence, “Majestic Dissolve” has the aggression and brutality of the early North American Death Metal, but maintains the more melodic approach of the early European counterparts. The sound of the album is pretty much dominated by speed and the guitars. A first impression for the things to come is the opening track “Wet Flesh Vortex”, which is a straight kick-into-the-face: the percussive rhythm section, the razor-sharp staccato like riffing, the crunching bass lines, and the brutal growls which vary around the medium end of the guttural range and include occasional screams. On the other hand, there is the melodic section towards the end of the track as well as a few Thrash Metal inspired guitar riffs.

Songs like “Possession Psychosis”, “Resintegrate” or “A Terror Sacrifice” are more on the pummelling end of things. “Possession Psychosis” is dominated by the relentlessly double-bass drumming and the main guitar riff which is whipping through the track. There is a mini mid-tempo break which is hardly noticeable after the four minute’s onslaught. “Resintegrate” seamlessly continues with the hammering, but includes a few Swedish Death Metal vibes. “A Terror Sacrifice” is not easily accessible. It has a few more twists in tempo, there are distinct mid-tempo parts in between, and there is more technicality with the guitars.

Majestic Dissolve” does not offer any breaks. Basically, every song is played blisteringly fast and some of them offer more or less notable mid-tempo breaks. “Mutilated Spirits” is such track where the mid-tempo break is very contributing towards a grim atmosphere. “Black Fire Confessions” is a song which reminds me on early 90s Swedish Death Metal, especially during the transitions and the short lead guitar solo near the end. “The Silent Hangings” and “Sorcery Arts” have more complex structures, there are many twists, distortions, and changes in rhythm and tempo. “Sorcery Arts” has more melodic components and there are a few moments where the Swedish vibes shine through. “The Silent Hangings” was uploaded by the label on YouTube and the link is given below.

The album closes with “An Occult Mosaic” and “The Unworshipped”. “An Occult Mosaic” is another bludgeoning piece with an almost percussive bass line which drives the song forward. “The Unworshipped” shows that CONJURETH can do things differently: the rhythm is heavy and sluggish, the lead guitars playful and dominant, and tension is building up as the track goes on. The lead guitar solo has almost melancholic melodies and contributes to a chilling atmosphere. With more than five minutes playing time, it is not only the longest track on the album, it is also different than all others.

CONJURETH deliver a good debut album. It is Death Metal with a North American hammering base and includes some Swedish melodic features. This makes it interesting, fresh, and dynamic, despite the focal point being clearly on the pummelling rhythms, the brutality of the vocals, and the guitar riffing. The 10 tracks on the album show that CONJURETH is still finding their feet in terms of the songwriting. The album is well produced, however, the guitars as well as the cymbals are a bit overemphasized while the bass is often underrepresented. “Majestic Dissolve” sets a first marker for CONJURETH and the album will surely win over a lot of Death Metal fans.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  7

4 Star Rating

1. Wet Flesh Vortex
2. Possession Psychosis
3. Resintegrate
4. A Terror Sacrifice
5. Mutilated Spirits
6. Black Fire Confessions
7. The Silent Hangings
8. Sorcery Arts
9. An Occult Mosaic
10. The Unworshipped
Wayne Sarantopoulus – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Ian Mann – Guitars
Frankie Saenz – Drums
Nick – Bass
Record Label: Memento Mori


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