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Conquest - The War We Rage

The War We Rage
by YngwieViking at 24 June 2013, 9:41 PM

I must admit, that I have a soft spot for the very implicated in the underground scene, label Dark Star Records, indeed they financed and released some true jewels ,and when it comes to a real expertise in US Metal, I think they rule, like their utterly recommended MINDWARP CHAMBER's "Supernova" or SHOOTING HEMLOCK latest’s effort.

On the other hand, I truly respect bands like CONQUEST, a bunch of relentless, willful and experienced Metalhead musicians, that with their 7th full length Album - A good way to celebrate 25 years of Metallic servitude, after first time recording their demo in 1988 - they deserve, I believe, their stainless reputation, as something like a cult Metal band awarded by the Heavy Metal resistance HQ ruled by the keeper of the mighty faith of steel.

With a killer Production, razor sharp riffs, great solos and a powerful, but melodic voice (David Wayne meets a mid-ranged Eric Adams), and a few patriotic lyrics, they had all the ingredients to deliver a great disc. Unfortunately the quality of the songwriting isn't constant (The remake of the popular Southern Charlie Daniels song “Long Haired Country Boy” doesn't help and sounds awkward and quite out of place) after the first couple of solid and intense songs, the style changed a bit for a more MANOWARish sound , like "The Triumph Of Steel" era influenced numbers "Tyrant Of The New World" & "Live Free Or Die" and coming downhill from that until a cool JUDAS PRIEST sounding Ballad "Turn Me Away". The good track "Scream For My Life" used the same tricks as "Get Off My Back" and seems to have been composed by a young Jon Schaffer .

So it's a mixed bag of emotions, half and half impression, but the dedication is obvious so, in my immense leniency, I will add an encouraging Metal star to my rating. This is an average classic US Metal Album with only a few thrash influences like its predecessor "Ends Of Days" - Recommended for fans of ICED EARTH , FORTE , WARDOG, HELSTAR and MEGADETH fans.

3 Star Rating

1. Coming With Vengeance
2. Never Forget
3. Tyrant Of The New World
4. Live Free Or Die
5. The War We Rage
6. Get Off My Back
7. Long Haired Country Boy
8. The Wicked
9. Fall From Grace
10. Turn Me Away
11. Scream For My Life
12. Against All Odds
13. Tomorrow’s Black
Tim Fleetwood - Drums
Mike Crook – Guitars / Vocals
Derrick Brumley – Lead Vocals / Guitars
Rob Boyer - Bass
Record Label: Dark Star Records


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