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Consecrator - Image of Deception (2017 Anthology)

Image of Deception (2017 Anthology)
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 22 December 2017, 8:43 AM

As time passes by, I keep saying the same words: why in the blazes do some labels still bring back from graves of the past some bands that don’t deserve a chance? Yes, they don’t deserve it, because when they were active, they weren’t different from many others that existed at the same time, and never could beat those that were already great names on their genre. And this is the case of “Image of Deception”, this compilation of materials from North American band CONSECRATOR.

That’s that same and moldy form of Thrash Metal from the 80s, based on names as KREATOR, TESTAMENT and MEGADETH. And if their mix of aggressiveness, brutality and technique wasn’t enough on those days, when the band was active (they were born on 1989), who said that it could be different now? The album is just another waste of time. The sound quality is what we could expect from Demo Tapes from the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s: good, but just that. Everything sounds clear and heavy, but raw. It’s too raw for a studio album, but enough for demo tapes. The remastering made it sounds better, but don’t expect too much of them.

Musically, we all heard this same formula enough times to get nauseous hearing this CD. And if I was truly stuffed of it on those days, I’m not satisfied by it now. Their musical work lacks of personality, the greatest sin a Metal band could commit. You can find good moments on “Submission”, “Mindlessly Betrayed”, “Vision Ignored”, and “Free From Death”, as well as on demo versions for “Make Me Laugh”, “Satan Lies”, “Messiah Calls”, and “Cast Out”, and even the unreleased song “Meaningless” (from 2005) show a band that needed a hand from a producer to be something near our conceptions of what “good” mean. But this isn’t the case.

For their fans, this release contains a bonus DVD from a live show from 1992. But I don’t think that those who search for the past for something musically outstanding should search on “Image of Deception”. The name of the album reflects perfectly what it is.

Originality: 3
Songwriting: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Submission
2. Image of Deception
3. Mindlessly Betrayed
4. Vision Ignored
5. Sayings of the Wise
6. Free From Death
7. Meaningless (2005 Unreleased)
8. Make Me Laugh (demo)
9. Satan Lies (demo)
10. Saving Song (demo)
11. Messiah Calls (demo)
12. Troubled Years (demo)
13. Cast Out (demo)
Glenn Johnson - Bass (tracks 7-12), Vocals
James Chavez - Guitars
James McWilliams - Guitars (tracks 6-12)
Steve Tidwell - Guitars (tracks 7-12)
Rob Ojeda - Bass (tracks 1-6)
Ashley Lawhon - Drums
Record Label: Roxx Productions


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