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Constraint – Tides Of Entropy Award winner

Tides Of Entropy
by Caio Botrel at 15 June 2020, 3:17 PM

CONSTRAINT is a Italian Metal band that mix elements of Progressive and Symphonic Metal, creating a particular and unique sound. They have recently released their newest album “Tides Of Entropy” and we are going to discuss a little bit about it. The opening track from the album is the great introduction “Remanent” which starts out with epic choirs, orchestral elements and violins as well. It soon turns into something heavier with the addition of guitars, bass and drums. It shows a nice vibe.

Einmal ist Keinmal” starts heavy and with what seems to be a 7 strings guitar. A lot of groove and technical guitar riffs made this a great start. The guitar tone is pretty good as well. The vocals are sweet and combines perfectly with the instrumental and I must say that it was a great mix, it created a different sound. It was a great start to show all the instruments work and the vocalist as well. “Golden Threads” starts out with a clean guitar sound and some vocals but I believe that the guitars are a little bit higher than the vocals on the mix here. There’s a beautiful and inspiring violin work on this song and I must say that it will bring you joy.

Eerie Euphoria” starts with precise and heavy guitar riffs followed by aggressive bass and drums. There is some keyboard arrangement that reminded me of the 70’s sound, which was really cool. By far this is the most progressive song on the album, it has a lot of nice elements and I believe that it will make the fans of Progressive and Symphonic Metal quite happy. There’s a break down with the guitars and violin that I can totally imagine people going crazy at their live show. “The Big (B)End” starts with a beautiful keyboard emulating a piano sound and Beatrice’s voices singing beautiful vocal lines. This song has a touch of sadness and beauty, I’m almost sure that it will be one of their biggest songs from the album. There are great melodies created by the violin and the guitar, bass and drum work is astonishing.

Omniscent Oblivion” starts as heavy it should start, but there is something really interesting and unexpected on that song: it suddenly turns into something softer, with piano and sweet vocals, instead of the aggressiveness that it started. There is a beautiful guitar solo here and it’s a very inspiring song. “Broken Threads” and “Lieben ist Streben” are both good songs that has all the elements seen before in their album. Good songs.

The song that closes the album is “Coercive” and it’s an instrumental song that has orchestral elements, violins, guitars and a great atmosphere. It was an epic way to end a good album. CONSTRAINT did an amazing job with their newest release “Tides Of Entropy”. I’m pretty sure that they will harvest great things from this album and I hope that they have a chance to tour after the coronavirus is gone. Its recommended for all the Progressive and Symphonic Metal fans. It’s definitely a full plate for the fans of the genre.

Songwriting: 9
Musiciaship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Remanent
2. Einmal ist Keinmal
3.Golden Threads
4. Eerie Euphoria
5. The Big (B)End
6. Ominiscent Oblivion
7. Broken Threads
8. Leben ist Streben
9. Coercive
Beatrice Bini – Vocals
Mateo Bonfatti – Guitars
Gabriele Masini – Bass
Enrico Bulgaro – Keyboards
Davide Borghi – Violin
Alessandro Lodesani – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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