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Contorsion - Planet Parasite Award winner

Planet Parasite
by Jeff Legg at 05 June 2014, 10:39 PM

When trying to categorize a band’s sound these days, the lines have become so blurred that it’s hard to be too specific. Music has evolved over time to a point where there are so many sub-categories under the original headings that you get a lot of bands listed side by side that don’t sound anything alike. Thrash Metal is currently one of the more confusing “terms” being thrown around. When I think of Thrash Metal, the first thing that comes to mind is old school bands like METALLICA, ANTHRAX, and MEGADETH, among others. There are still some bands like AVENGED SEVENFOLD that carry on that “Ride the Lightning” sound of old but add some modern day traits of their own. Most of the newer “Thrash” bands these days are way faster and have a lot of screaming and/or growling vocals. Every now and then you find a band that could have been relevant in the original form of the Thrash genre back in the mid 80’s and makes you proud that you listened to the founders of this style of music years ago. Enter CONTORSION, a five-piece band from Switzerland that have no fear of playing what they believe in and don’t care what you decide to label them.

Since releasing the LP “Solace Through Lies” back 2010, CONTORSION have experienced a lifetime of musical experience with line-up changes, successful touring, song-writing, and now in 2014 releasing their new album, “Planet Parasite” via Non Stop Music Records. With a powerful line-up in place, consisting of Marc Torretti (vocals), Simon Freiburghaus (guitar), Jon Schnider (guitar), Dani Bürkli (bass), and Matthias Eschmann (drums), these guys are ready to play this offering for the world and make some noise on the Thrash Metal.

“Planet Parasite” opens with a really good song, “Betrayers of Humanity”, a song that somewhat reminds me of METALLICA’s “Creeping Death”, and never lets up. There are no weak songs on this record, only big-time heavy hitters. Torretti’s voice sounds eerily similar to James Hetfield and proves he has the big-time pipes to make people stop and take notice. The guitar tracks rip and shred and are very reminiscent of old-school MEGADETH, chugging along like a freight train. The drums are nothing short of amazing, and for me, are a highlight of the record, and the bass tracks solidifying the bottom end of this album superbly. My favorite tracks are “In Shadows They Hide” and “The Privilege of War”, but I really enjoyed all 10 songs.

“Planet Parasite” is one of the better thrash albums that I’ve heard in some time and overall restores my faith in this genre. My hope is that others will take note of CONTORSION’s classic sound and follow suit. If you have been waiting for an album like the “good old days” of METALLICA, MEGADETH, and EXODUS, go buy “Planet Parasite” now!!

4 Star Rating

1. Betrayers of Humanity
2. New World Order
3. Planet Parasite
4. In Shadows They Hide
5. Big Shot
6. Rise and Fall
7. The Hourglass
8. Fade Into Oblivion
9. Gods of the Sun
10. The Privilege of War
Marc Torretti – Vocals
Simon Freiburghaus – Guitar
Jon Schnider – Guitar
Dani Bürkli – Bass
Matthias Eschmann – Drums
Record Label: Non Stop Music Records


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