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Contrition - Broken Mortal Coil

Broken Mortal Coil
by Andrew Harvey at 19 January 2022, 5:57 AM

CONTRITION are death metal and what can be referred to as ‘grindcore’, yes I know I do ask myself how such a sub genre has a name like this. Grindcore comes from a combination or inspiration of other sub genres like heavy metal and hardcore punk. Origins of such a sub genre comes from the 80’s styles including extreme metal, crust punk, Thrashcore and industrial. The band are actually American and they’re from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, they include musicians who certainly have an impressive CV before joining into this band.

The lineup includes the singer who is; JEROME MARSHALL(from bands like HATEMONGER & COBALT), JEFF WILSON(from bands CHROME WAVES and DEEPER GRAVES)on guitar/synth, bassist is JON WOODRING and lastly but not least their drummer who is GARRY NAPLES(NOVEMBERS DOOM and WOLVE-HAMMER). This album also features COREY PARKS of GRAVERIPPER), DAVID BRENNER of GRIDFAILURE), TREVOR STRNAD of BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and LEON DEL MUERTE of IMPALED also ex member of EXHUMED.

Their debut album BROKEN MORTAL COIL cracks the whip with the intro track, titled “Diluted” and launches the listener into impending doom of the deadly vocals as well as explosive guitar & drums combined as a wall of sound. The guitar vibrato is sinister and drums are very hardcore but sitting in the back of the mix. “Amped” is full of vicious and violent gestures of a darker nature. Drums begin this drive with all other instruments projecting out more than before. The raw, extreme and exposed elements are wide awake from their slumber.

The awesome hardcore sound together with occult vocals are so strong and thunderous. “Nihilistic Right” is next up in line and does not let us down. It’s full of gritty, filthy and dirty guitar lines, loud vocals and stampeding drum patterns filling the audio spectrum. The surrounding elements provide the terrifying and gasping for air or space. “For Misery” stands its ground on the rhythmic part and becomes more monotonous. Vocals shriek but also come from different directions of the listeners position. Drums too roll in and out as they plead or ask for.

“Desolation Star” is a 3 minute soundscape track with digitized sound effects moving and ambient noises as well the shuffling higher pitched sounds as well as mysterious eerie noises. “Added Subtraction” is the full on collective, bone-crushing hardcore sound of all instruments. “Without Guilt” the final cry of this album very much resembles the agitation and sincere absolution of vocals especially. However we are also treated surprisingly to a cover of Nirvana’s “Tourettes” , a worthy contribution to a very bombastic compilation of all sorts. It’s a good album certainly could be less eerie maybe or less processed too.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Diluted
2. Amped
3. Nihilistic Right
4. Misery
5. Desolation Star
6. Added Subtraction
7. Without Guilt
8. Tourette’s (Nirvana Cover)
Jerome Marshall - Vocals
Jeff Wilson - Guitars and Synth
Jon Woodring - Bass
Garry Naples - Drums
Record Label: Disorder Recordings


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