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Convixion - Convixion

by Grigoris Chronis at 06 April 2010, 10:04 AM

The aspect of each fan regarding what Metal music really means to him is possibly the spine of the nonstop fruition of our beloved music genre. Hence, expanding this to musicians and their bands, some support the opinion that he who will not follow the path of evolution and/or development shall quickly diminish while others cry out ‘bout the betrayal of Heavy Metal music’s ideals after the 80s were gone and the annihilation of the ‘Metal to the bone’ term. We’re not here to judge – no one has this right, anyway, I guess – all present parties but if such a poll was to come out then Greece’s CONVIXION should probably avoid the first division like hell…

The brainchild of STRIKELIGHT (traditional Metal youths) guitarist Nick Papakostas, CONVIXION offered a raw EP back in 2007 with the florid title “Metal Drinkin' Conspiracy”. Fed by the vitamins of rapid Metal bands of the 80s, it was a matter of time for the quintet to show their teeth in the European underground Metal circles. The hilarious video on “Drink Metal” pushed the bands vogue further more, too. In terms of accurate musicianship or sonic delicacy many would argue but – what the hell? – that’s not the point when you flirt with the most profuse and first-hand constituent elements of…

…Heavy/Speed/Thrash/NWOBHM Metal with a vast uncompromising profile. In other words, grab your beer and bang your head nonstop to the CONVIXION’s first official full length. Counting eight songs and a total of (not more than) 33 minutes, “Convixion” is your sanitary water if obviously declaring your love for bands like, RAVEN, RAZOR, TANKARD, METALUCIFER, SODOM, EXCITER and everything fast in the NWOBHM scene (e.g. JAGUAR, CHATEAUX etc). The vocals are quite dirty and mean for this style and deliver the goods, no questions asked, but they could have been – I’m afraid – a little bit genuine. Else, the guitars are apt razors, the solos are really inspiring (quite shameless and vicious here but also melodic and LIZZY/MAIDEN-influenced there) and the rhythm section pounds hysterically, all creating a total Metal party atmosphere but with a steady Rock ‘n’ Roll mood too.

Watching CONVIXION onstage at the 2010 installment of Up the Hammers festival, it’s definite the band raises hell and that’s a clear fact for the benefit of this malicious quartet. “Convixion” is an album you need if keen on the speed/furious side of traditional Metal music; not much (and as straight from the heart as this one) albums of this specific style come out in our days.

P.S.: I wonder what the range of guesses of non-Greek buyers for the meaning of the “Heavy Metal Re Mounia” title and (some of the) lyrics shall be.

3 Star Rating

  1. Tomorrows Yesterdays
  2. Final Night Tonight
  3. Matter Of Faith
  4. I Come Alive
  5. Made Of Steel
  6. Crimson Sunrise
  7. Unleashed
  8. Heavy Metal Re Mounia
Nick Papakostas - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Stelios Makris - Guitars, Vocals
Michael Bakoulas - Bass
Manos Kehagias - Drums
Record Label: Eat Metal Records


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