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Corax B.M. - Spread The Occult Award winner

Corax B.M.
Spread The Occult
by Andrew Harvey at 24 July 2022, 6:42 AM

CORAX B.M. began actually as a solo project for CORAX whose actual name is KOSTAS P. KATOIKOS but then along came MORKER whose name is YIANNIS CHARISKOS as he joined in on drums. A female singer then appeared named ENNEA also became a part of this black metal outfit. These collective group of musicians all come from the Mediterranean country of Greece as they are described as a ‘combination’ of primal Scandinavian black melodies, with a punk aesthetic and their main influences are BEHEMOTH, MAYHEM, ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA and DARKTHRONE.

As the band were also joined by bassist PESTHANATOS they are now ready to bring us their first release, an EP titled SPREAD THE OCCULT. This also includes a guest appearance by THE MAGUS as vocals in track one and DION CHRISTODOULATOS on keyboard in track two. The EP begins with “Aniliagos (Sunless)” a killer track screaming of black metal vocals as guitar and drums are side by side fighting. There are also additional vocals which hover in the further background as the track clashes with full blown punches of drums and guitar or vocals. “Bewitched” comes in with sustained guitar, trimmed back drums but electric guitar plays to persuade drums to step up to the plate with harsh patterns.

Drums as before are as consistent as punk rhythm drives on and ploughs with vocals in tow. As we swiftly move onto track three which is “Thy Faithful Servant” as the tempo pulls back to allow drums to follow steady rhythm from electric guitar. Vocals extend their reach of long yelps of sinister and deadly force. Finally onto the grand finale of this incredible EP which closes on the fourth track track “Paraora” as thrashing hammer blows of drums come down with fury. Electric guitar thriving on adrenaline rush as they play varied rhythm as drums go through transitions in tempo. Vocals remain darker and colder as they project vanity or vengeance. And so the curtain closes on this record but I can safely say this is certainly one of the best black metal releases I have heard in a long time, and that is saying something so definitely check this band out, you will not be disappointed if you love black metal.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Aniliagos (Sunless)
2. Bewitched
3. Thy Faithful Servant
4. Paraora
Kostas P. “Corax” Katoikos - Vocals and Guitars
Marita “Ennea” Makaronidi - Vocals (Whispers)
Thanos “Peisthanatos” Nanopoulos - Bass Guitar
Yiannis “Morker” Chariskos - Drums
Record Label: Pagan Records


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