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Coreleoni - III Award winner

by Sarah Chebaro at 22 June 2022, 5:17 PM

Who said classic rock can’t happen in 2022 was wrong in so many ways. My heart leaped with joy when I heard CORELEONI’s new album called “III”. I am sure many of you have heard of GOTTHARD and the sad news of the passing of Steve Lee back in 2010. It’s a while back but in 2018 the guitarist Leo Leoni decided to bring back some classic rock to our lives and created CORELEONI, from Switzerland. I am so glad he did that. I am so overwhelmed by how amazing the “III” is. It’s exactly what we needed in this world, a revival of hard rock music. Every song on this album sticks, I start humming the tunes without even realizing it.

III” opens up with a memorial rock ballad called “Let Life Begin Tonight”. Eugent’s vocals are pure perfection. The song starts with a beautiful guitar entrance. Passionate and full of that classic hard rock ballad we love. Think of WHITESNAKE and RAINBOW having a love child. “Wake Up Call” is the 6th track on this album and it's filled with a beautiful guitar solo, It’s the kind of song you headbang to with a smile on your face and gives the energy to conquer your day. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” is definitely my favorite track on this album. Even though it’s a cover, it plays a great tribute to the original from the ROLLING STONES. CORELEONI’s version has a deep growl to it with Eugent’s vocals To be honest I love each and every single track but this one has a raw blues beat to it. It’s a song you play while riding a motorbike. It reminds me of RAM JAM’s “Black Betty”. Alex’s drumming playing gets your feet going and the power guitar solo gives the perfect edge to want to air guitar while sticking your tongue out. “Say Goodbye” is another ballad. It starts with rain pouring down and thunder in the background with a beautiful keyboard melody playing. It reminds me of “November Rain” by GUNS N ROSES. Eugent’s voice is like an angel. You can feel the sadness and the memories flowing into one’s mind. This song put the biggest smile on my face because I realized that there are still musicians out there who are so talented and can really bring back that strong powerful hard rock ballad. Leo really shreds a beautiful guitar solo in this song. “Deep in my Soul” sounds like a track that BON JOVI could cooperate in putting together. There is a soothing keyboard tuned to sound like an organ and back vocals that you can hear in a church choir. It’s a powerful love song that can be played at a wedding. So if any of you metal heads out there want to express your soft spot, this song is it.

I can go on about this album and how much happiness it has brought me. I’m so excited about the next album already. This band does great justice for GOTTHARD. The next thing is seeing them play live because they’ll probably rock my world!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Let Life Begin Tonight
2. Purple Dynamite
3. Guilty Under Pressure
4. Sometimes
5. Like It or Not
6. Wake Up Call
7. Sick & Tired
8. Would You Love Me
9. Deep In My Soul
10. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
11. Say Goodbye
12. Good Time Lover
Leo Leoni - Guitar
Eugent Bushpepa - Vocals
Mila Merker - Bass
Jgor Gianola - Guitar
Alex Motta - Drums
Record Label: Atomic Records


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