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Corpset - No Rest

No Rest
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 October 2013, 4:15 PM

Heavily infuriated, bursting with wholesome of anger, burning red waiting for the right moment to strike, the next offensive is just a matter of timing. The coldness within the Finnish Metal scenery seems to be dissolving to the echoes and resonances of one of their local galvanizing crews, ready for their next move into the ever growing sea of corpses following their war state. CORPSET, the termination squad laying their sophomore release of “No Rest”, via Violent Journey Records, had me imagining a futuristic industrial zone in barren world, destroyed by a nuclear war, allotting the land to  rot around it while only the steel bounded material left intact, surviving the haze. Incorporating various of correspondences to 90’s era of SEPULTURA, PANTERA, LAMB OF GOD, DEW-SCENTED, early HATESPHERE and SLAYER, “No Rest” is an exploration of the vast lands of modern Thrash and Death Metal with a corroboration depicting several technical assortments as superfluous flavors.

Even though “No Rest” lived up to its title, as it was no easy release to fathom, for one thing, and without listening to the band’s debut release of “Ruins”, CORPSET are on a constant developmental stage, triggering an evolutionary manner to become less traditional, or to be accurate, suitable to the modern surroundings, setting into motion a margin of engrossing ideas within the songs. Therefore, it appeared that the songwriting illustrated more than the mere bash your skull straightforward solemnity.

The semi awkwardness of “You Sin”, immersed with various Metalcore attributes crossing extreme Thrash notes, the HATESPHERE meets LAMB OF GOD pounding frantic of “Lord Of The Flies” or the partly SLAYER triggering DEW-SCENTED Thrash insanity of “Let The Shit Hit The Fan”, which succeeded on topping your average Thrash / Death incursions with its passages, strong vocals and ultimate soloing dexterity and quality. “Prophet's Opiate”, a hefty track of over 9 minutes, had me going that this is an experiment of how to push the boundaries. Nonetheless, even if it is a bit difficult for me to recognize it as a an actual song, there is no short of talent. However, “War Inside” and “Piss On My Grave”, in my bill the album’s uttermost munchies, generally upright veracious in their structure, yet with several slick captions. The former might assert the impression of Thrashcore simplicity, yet it revealed itself as somewhat multi diverse even while being short. The latter more or less the same, yet its main riff and soloing efforts had me enjoying, reminding me of early 90’s SEPULTURA. With accordance to “War Inside”, I feel the need to note on CORPSET’s lead guitar fretwork throughout the entire album. Other than the variety of licks encrusting the riffs, the soloing is exceptional arousing an early 90’s vibe of both Thrash and Death Metal relics.

“No Rest”, at least for yours truly, wasn’t that overwhelming or easy to digest, yet without question CORPSET consists of great musicians. Thrash / Death Metal have aged and gone modern, but these guys’ material has what it takes to keep a certain balance.     

3 Star Rating

1. No Rest
2. Piss On My Grave
3. Pitch Black
4. Lord of the Flies
5. Prophet's Opiate
6. War Inside
7. You Sin
8. Futile
9. Let The Shit Hit The Fan
Antti Murtonen - Vocals
Jari Kelloniemi - Guitars
Jami Heikkala - Guitars
Arto Tissari - Bass
Timo Hanhijoki - Drums
Record Label: Violent Journey Records


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