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Corpus Diavolis - Atra Lumen Award winner

Corpus Diavolis
Atra Lumen
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 27 June 2017, 11:37 AM

CORPUS DIAVOLIS was born in France in 2009. A Black/Death Metal band dealing with themes of Satanism, Philosophy and Occultism, “Atra Lumen” is their third full-length release, and contains eight songs. “Revelations Before Dawn” is the opening track. A premonitory nature intermingles with menacing and tenacious sounds, sometimes subdued and other times conquering. The vocals vary from traditional Black Metal shrieks to spoken word, almost ritualistic in nature. Death and destruction are all around as the end of the world draws near. “The Ardent Jewel of his Presence” is a little slower and a little deeper in the register at times, while other times that wall of sound is in the forefront. The blast beat bass drums add another heavy element to an already laborious affair, but the fact that they don’t stay the same throughout brings some more diversity to the table. The spoken vocals seem to come from Asmodeus himself.

“L’Oeil Unique” has an opening monstrous riff that strikes the ground hard, shaking up the earth beneath you and swallowing you whole, as you descend into madness. Though nothing is secretive in nature you still have the feeling that all is not what it seems, and the fate that awaits you is beyond any horror you can possibly imagine. The sign of end times in the Christian teachings are the coming of the Anti-Christ, and the rapture. The prophetic nature of the song “Sign of End Times” is heavy with this theme. The opening instrumental sequence is as intimidating and terrifying as anything you have heard. “The smell of sorcery” as Daemonicreator speaks is exactly what is thick in the air. I’ve heard a lot of evil music in my day but this track might be the most intense in that regard as anything else. Proceed with caution with this track because it might wake something in yourself that you buried in a box with a key.

“Flesh to Flesh” opens with a hushed tone, whispers in the wind, bells that foretell the coming of something beyond wicked. Subjects scatter in the streets at the risk of being part of the sacrificial altar. The unholy beast that emerges from the shadow is unfit to even gaze upon. “Sick Waters” closes the album. That’s one way to get rid of humanity; a poisoned water supply. In this final act of hedonism, Satan claims all souls of the living with just one touch of his vile finger into the pure waters of life. This is one of the best Black Metal albums I have heard this year. We all get the scary and nefarious nature of this kind of music, but the level of outright horror they achieve on this album is exceptional. When you can make a listener feel this emotionally strong about music, you have accomplished something special. If you are a believer in a higher power of kindness and mercy, they may make you question your faith.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Revelations Before Dawn
2. The Ardent Jewel of his Presence
3. L’Oeil Unique
4. Signs of End Times
5. Wine of the Beast
6. Flesh to Flesh
7. They Glorification
8. Sick Waters
Daemonicreator - Vox, Machines
Lord Khaos - Guitars
Analyser - Lead Guitars
Funeral - Bass
IX – Drums
Record Label: ATMF Records


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