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Corrosive Sweden - Blood and Panic Award winner

Corrosive Sweden
Blood and Panic
by Mike "Bitchin" Bourgeois at 03 July 2019, 9:58 PM

I like bands like POP EVIL and TWELVE FOOT NINJA, bordering on radio friendly, but still heavy as hell, with well thought out and produced music that can get anyone headbanging. Add to that Scandinavian metal sensibilities and a dose of "F*** Ya" and you might get close to CORROSIVE SWEDEN's "Blood and Panic".

From the opening crunch guitar on "Fire From a Gun" that breaks into a blister pace that that grabs you by the nah nahs and shakes vigorously this song lets you know you're in for treat. The verse riff is chunky and driving and so good, and the transition to the chorus is made even better by Johan Bengtson's amazing ability to go from a very heavy growl to an almost silky smooth vocal style that roves he's no slouch in the voice department, bring range and passion to a talented group of musicians behind them. This is highlighted in the next song, the title track "Blood and Panic". Listen to Daniel  Hedin's drum work here. This is a master class in how to control the flow and feel of a song by switching up rhythms mid verse/chorus and accenting an already complicated picking pattern being played by Magnus Nordin (fingers actually), Peter Fors, and Christer Ulander.

A bit of a side bar here. Bands develop a formula for how the put a song together, and if they aren't careful an entire album can sound repetitive and uninspired. CORROSIVE SWEDEN got it right. With songs like "Angry Me" (beautifully composed piano parts permeate throughout the song) to "Black Paint" Their songs have a noticeable pattern, but each song remains its own enterprise and unique in its performance.

The sound is perfection. I shit you not! The guitars are in sync but still distinctive as individual players. The drums were exceptionally mic'd and mixed, Johan's voice perfect for whatever was called for, and my favorite, the bass. That is pure metal perfection, giving me tingles in the nether.

When I score an album, I start off with the assumption of perfection and subtract from there. I ended up with no marks against this album. CORROSIVE SWEDEN is a band that has hit their stride and it would be a travesty, no, a crime against all things metal if "Blood and Panic" doesn't propel them to the top of the metal world. There, I said it, and I'll say this too. I loved everything about this album. Get it, tell your friends, give it as a gift. This CD deserves to be heard.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Fire From a Gun
2. Blood and Panic
3. Speed
4. Angry Me
5. Angel or Beast
6. Terrified as I Die
7. Parasite
8. At the Top
9. Black Paint
Johan Bengtson – Vocals
Christer Ulander – Lead Guitar
Peter Fors - Guitar
Magnus Nordin – Bass
Daniel Hedin – Drums
Record Label: BMP Records Sweden


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