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Corruption - Devil's Share Award winner

Devil's Share
by Ray Burrows at 04 August 2014, 5:42 PM

CORRUPTION released their new album “Devil's Share” in June of 2014. “Devil's Share” is considered to be classified as a Stoner Metal album. The band CORRUPTION hail from Warsaw, Poland., there are many great bands that are popping up in the local area around there, but possibly none quite like CORRUPTION.

Well after listening to “Devil's Share” I agree that this album has a Stoner Metal feel to it, a really “high” up there sort of sound that is a pleasant mixture of sounds that I am able to compare to BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, and surprisingly enough, a very light comparison to the bluesy style of THE BLACK CROWES! I really enjoy “Devil's Share” quite a bit, I was very surprised to sense the classic blues style of Rock, mixed in with the new Stoner Metal type of genre!

CORRUPTION is a band that simply knows how to have fun, and rock out hard, which makes “Devil's Share” a really fun album to listen to! There is a more Heavy Metal sound in “Devil's Share” to me than a Stoner Metal sound though.

CORRUPTION is a band that has worked very hard at putting out an album that is way more than a contender in the battle of new generation bands. I appreciate the fact that CORRUPTION is just not another Stoner Metal band that does not take their music seriously, these guys are very good, they take their music very seriously, and it shows in “Devil's Share” as it simply rocks hard, and heavy!

It is obvious that Zakk Wylde was a big influence in the recording process of  “Devil's Share” since one of the tracks is titled “Born To Be Zakk Wylde”, which is a somewhat cover of a Zakk Wylde themed cover of STEPPENWOLF'S “Born To Be Wild” with a little RAINBOW thrown in for good measure, wow! CORRUPION has done a credit to Zakk in “Devil's Share”, and I am sure that he would fully appreciate this effort at what should be a very successful new release!

All in all “Devil's Share” is a smoking album with plenty of killer tunes. Every song but one acoustic filler tune are all solid, and they rock hard! “Devil's Share” would be a great album to party hard all year long with all of your good friends, it has tons of killer guitar riffs, and really fun lyrics to all of the songs as well. “Devil's Share” is a very well created album, and I would like to give “Devil's Share” by CORRUPTION a “high” Metal Temple rating of Nine out of Ten!

4 Star Rating

1. Hang 'N' Over
2. This Is The Day
3. Story Of Things That Should Not Be
4. Traveller Blues
5. Grime Whorehouse
6. Trespasstellers
7. Inspire
8. Regression
9. Born To Be Zakk Wylde
10. Betty Pyro
11. Moment Of Truth
Peter Anoit - Vocals, Bass
Daniel Lechmanski - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Rutkos -Vocals, Guitar
Bartek Grabarz - Drums
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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