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Corruption - Promo 2005 - DEMO (CD)

Promo 2005 - DEMO
by Michael Dalakos at 26 October 2005, 12:10 AM

I never really figured out what these kind of grind dudes are all about. I mean, they play so fast they can probably travel in time. They all probably have some Vorlon equipment just to keep their instruments out of spontaneous combustion. But for me there is no point in being the holder of such ancient technology if you can't use it in a correct way. Do you play fast in order to simply play fast? And what's up with all these guttural vocals where no one understands if the singer spits vile or repeats his mom's favorite spaghetti recipe.
All these things are taking place once again in retro fashion in Corruption's promo CD entitled… Promo 05 (I guess it clarifies what it stands for). Everything runs in such a fast pace, it is impossible to keep anything in mind. The Run Forrest run scenario is here once again. Only when they decide to hit (a little bit) the brakes you discover some nice guitar a la Morbid Angel riffs. Once again the drums are everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE. It's like Panagiotis is trying to kill his drum kit. Too bad since this one has some potential but only when it slows down. Can they play any slower? If yes then send me your next Demo.

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Destroy To Create…
For I am The One, for I Am War
Aristotelis - Guitars & Vocals
Michalis - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Tolis - Bass
Panagiotis - Drums
Record Label: Self Released


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