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Cortez - Sell the Future Award winner

Sell the Future
by Neil Cook at 16 November 2020, 9:59 PM

CORTEZ from Boston in the US of A have been around now for a few years.  Since 2006 in fact. “Sell The Future” is their 3rd long player.  Doing my research I’ve seen them described as a Stoner/Doom Metal band.  I can see why, and not being familiar with their previous output that might be the case, but there seems to be to be a lot more diversity on display than the sort of sludgy, slow, heavy Blues infused, trippy, tripped out groove you would expect. Although there is plenty of this too.

As the opening salvo of “No Escape” and “Sell The Future” illustrate nicely. Its like AEROSMITH’s sleazier cousins (oh wait that’s GUNS N ROSES) touring with early OZZY led BLACK SABBATH.  The former sprinting out of the gates like a thorough bread stallion on steroids, the latter powerfully plodding along like a pit pony pulling a cart full of heavy, Heavy Metal, slowly but purposely getting there.

And that’s how the album seems to go on. “Look At Yourself” barrels along with attitude, “Faulty Authors”, meanders along, with its trippy vocals and sudden angry interludes, but the treacle-like pacing is, well doom-laden. What exactly is a Faulty Author anyway?  Whatever they are CORTEZ don’t like them, they want to “burn them fuckers down”, so don’t get on the wrong side of them!

Deceivers” is a riff laden sleazy wild ride, pounding drums, chunky groove laden, wah wah guitars driven rocker. “Sharpen The Spear” breaks the formula to a point. Yes it slows things down a tad, and the riffs are definitely from the IOMMI playbook, but it’s more TONY MARTIN era SABBATH than the OZ lead sound, it practically bounces along, and the solos almost sound like THIN LIZZY joining the party.

Vanishing Point” has a punchy drum sound that makes it sound like a certain band who “play rock and roll”.  The vocals have a punky snarl about them and the guitar solo could be one of FAST EDDIES licks.  “Beyond” is a trippy and strung out, and loud grinding, powerful masterpiece, left for last.

I have to admit I like the quick-slow approach, it works for me.  I really like the slower Stoner/Doom parts, but like it is, broken up with the stabs of heavy sleaze in between, the album could have been a tad soporific.  As it is though, it works just fine.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. No Escape
2. Sell The Future
3. Look At You
4. Faulty Authors
5. Deceivers
6. Sharpen The Spear
7. Vanishing Point
8. Beyond
Matt Harrington – Vocals
Scott O’ Down – Guitar
Alasdair Swan  - Guitar
Jay Furlo – Bass, Backing Vocals
Alexei Rodriguez – Drums
Record Label: Ripple Music


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