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Cosmic Burial - Far Away from Home Award winner

Cosmic Burial
Far Away from Home
by Laura Glover at 13 May 2023, 4:20 AM

“Ambient/atmospheric music for dreamers about space and time”, COSMIC BURIAL is a band that comes with its own description. Black Metal and morose, Far Away From Home sets itself apart on several facets.  This album packs a punch with four songs, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a short album. All four songs in this album come in at no less than 11.11 minutes and top out at 12.07 minutes. German based COSMIC BURIAL releases this album, Far Away From Home, on June 2nd, 2023.

A .-. .-. .. …- .- .-..” - Have you ever imagined what sitting on a cloud would be like? Maybe it would be soft, fluffy, and comfortable. And maybe it would lure us into a sleepy trance. I certainly know this song does, though. Soft and delicate clouds of sound usher you into a space of Zen; then a wild rogue wave comes and powerfully thrashes you into the deep. This violent wave, of course, being a rush of long and lonely haunting guitar chords. “B .. .-. - ….” - Soft keyboard notes laced with angelic voices. Sound rushing up and down like the unstoppable force of a river, light imploding on itself in a psychedelic array of colorful geometry dancing before your eyes. Wild and unkempt, like the taste of the wind from a crisp mountaintop breath. “S — .-.. .. - ..- -.. .” - This song opens with more force, like the eye of the storm has been broken. And with a violent rush of force a dam bursts forth relieving immense pressure behind it. Or a riot of chaos as meteors burns giant flaming tails into the darkness above you.

COSMIC BURIAL has clearly put incredible effort into producing a fantastic album. From start to finish Far Away From Home grips you and lulls you into its siren's song. Speaking of travelling the cosmos, to all those space cowboys out there; this would be a great album to take a journey to. If you know, you know. I think the band's self description says it all, “for dreamers about space and time”.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. A .-. .-. .. …- .- .-..
2. B .. .-. - ….
3. S — .-.. .. - ..- -.. .
4. S - .- .-. … . . -..
V.V. - All Instruments
Record Label: Purity Through Fire


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