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Cosmic Burial – Impakt

Cosmic Burial
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 02 June 2020, 2:12 AM

From reading up on the very limited information for COSMIC BURIAL, I have found out that their Facebook refers to their music as Ambient/ Atmospheric Music for dreamers about Space and Time. Metal Archives says that their Lyrical Theme is Instrumental, so I am expecting some weird ass shit that will either be a snooze fest or something amazing. Let’s find out…

EO40” has an intro on the keyboards, eerily building up the melody. Maybe a little faster than most bands so, but hey. Another effect comes in, adding a softer influx of sound to the song. It is building the sound, but keeping changes to a minimum. It picks up on the continued intro, the keyboard keeps it going into an almost New Wave melody, this is greeted by the drums to add a further depth to this expanding song. The guitars kick into a sound that takes me back to something similar to THE PIXIES – “Where is my Mind”, but the PLACEBO cover. It is a great sound, expanding the song much more fluidly now all the elements have arrived, seemingly. This sounds fades away a bit, reintroducing the previous melodies, but not one replacing the other, mixing both, and mixing both well. The melodies go back and forth, but it keeps the song entertaining, it’s an usual trick, but its amazing. This song reminds me of so many BURZUM did, back when the Ambient styles rans smoothly, this is a truly brilliantly beautiful peace. It does not get boring, it changes slightly throughout to keep it fresh, but when it stays within certain melodies and harmonies, you don’t want it to change anyway. Great start to the album, long start to the album, but that seems to be the theme for this whole album.

VK184” opens up with an old guitarists trick, warming up. All he is doing is warming up, but it is already getting us wanting more and peak our interest. This one wastes no time in starting with all the instruments placed in superbly. The progressive melody feels like it is building up to something far bigger. Not quite. The song doesn’t as such die down, but the faded tempo of another melody is added also to the mix, it has 2 separate tempos dictated by 2 separate melodies, it’s a bold move. The Ambient effects are stunningly controlled. It never feels like anything has been done half-heartedly. This really reminds me of how some TOOL Songs progress to different melodies, and this is executed perfectly.  There is a strange feeling that the song gets to the 10-minute make and you know its only half way through, there will be much more heard, more changes and twists maybe. The tempo dies down, the Ambient feels take over and the music slowly takes you away, it could go on for a while doing that and I’d be happy, but the song kicks off once more with the guitars returning. The song builds on this change perfectly, it speeds things up and almost feels like a new song, a true stroke of genius.

101995” starts off far more upbeat than I was expecting, it builds up nicely. There is a lot going right from the off as far as the harmonies go. Already I can work out its going to be an instrumental, there is so many instances where vocals could have been introduced. The song is ticking over nicely though. It’s very experimental and progressive, far more new style than old, which when executed like this is awesome. It will need something to kick start not for it to become boring coz this is a near 20-minute song. It is however, very soothing with its ambient flair. It slows right down just after the 5:30 section, to a solo guitar plucking away beautifully. It goes on for around 90 sections filling our ears with a peaceful sound. It changes to sound like something done on a keyboard, but in a similar stance, peaceful. It’s like walking through a wood when it’s snowing, it silent and beautiful. After this there is a build up from the guitar threating to kick things off. Mixing these sounds works wonders for the song, making it fresh once more. It expands a little more again to build a fuller melody. With the tempo picked up we head for the midway section, the 10-minute mark. It has once again become a progressive melody, though I am eager to hear where it goes. It slows down again, but its not boring, it is the journey it takes us on that is fascinating.  The tempo goes up and down steadily as the song progresses within itself. This is some serious skill for one man to have done. The melody in this segment is once again beautifully done, the sounds are peaceful, a true art. The pace picks up in the last 2-minutes to a noticeable effect, never changing the overall structure but adding to this immense song.

“99942” is the close to the album, that being said it is another 19 minutes before it ends, so enough time for us to enjoy this song. The song like the others, builds up well from the off. The melodies are able to expand slightly, nothing mad to start off with, but the progression will come, like the others before it. The expansion is not as vast in the first fifth of the song. I’ve never had to fractionize a song before. This segment plays well, nothing we haven’t heard on the album so far, so I’m looking for something a bit different. An acoustic section is the change, simple, and it acts as a bridge for the next melody to speed things up a bit more than before, adding depth and more interest into the song once more. The next noticeable change is the drums seem to have pushed their way in, making themselves more noticed. This may have not lasted long but the melody to still ticking over nicely.  Midway into the song and we haven’t heard anything new, but what we have heard is still brilliant. As this song approaches its final 4-minutes it makes me think that not much has changed, but it never needed to, it was designed to take us through to the end without pointlessly fading out, and it has done that.

This is not an album; it is a journey. I was a little skeptical before starting, but it is a masterpiece. This is one of the best, if not the best instrumental album I have heard in years. It is a work of art, so many different elements go into making this beauty.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. EO40
2. VK184
3. 101995
4. 99942
V.V – Everything
Record Label: Purity Through Fire


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