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Crazy Lixx - Street Lethal Award winner

Crazy Lixx
Street Lethal
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 December 2021, 6:37 AM

During the second half of the 90’s, a lesson that every Metalhead learned was: no Metal/Rock genre is really dead. Many times, we all thought that a genre was dead due the many situations. As an example, Glam Metal seemed to be dead and gone after the coming of Grunge/Alternative Rock invasion on the early years of the 90’s (specifically, 1991). But it came back to life in the beginning of the past decade, only with the axis of the genre changing from USA to Sweden. And it’s really amazing to hear a band as the Swedish quintet CRAZY LYXX, as their latest release, “Streel Lethal”, is a fine piece of the genre.

Musically, the band follows the same steps of names as DEF LEPPARD (during “Pyromania” days), DANGER DANGER, VAN HALEN (due the guitar riffs and solos), KISS (on the unmasked era of the 80’s), RATT and others, so be prepared to be hit by a strong musical work based excellent charming melodies and full of energy. And besides for some their music can sound similar to the 80’s Hard/Glam Metal, it’s filled with life and personality. Yes, it’s really excellent. Danny Rexon (the band’s vocalist) is the one who hold the responsibility of the album’s production in his hands, and the mixing was done by Tobias Lindell (yes, the same one who worked with H.E.A.T, EUROPE, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and many others). The sonority of the album is a link between the natural elements from Hard/Glam Metal from the 80’s with a massive modern outfit that earns the band weight and aggressiveness, but being clear as well. A great work, indeed.

Musically, the band reached a level that is extremely high, a consequence of their experience. And for the first time on the album, the best ones are the catchy melodies of the savage piece called “Rise Above” (excellent chorus, vocals and backing vocals), the massive mix between weight and melodies based on excellent guitars heard on “Anthem for America” (the riffs are great, but the solos are excellent), the perfect melodic hooks and chorus of “The Power” (a strong touch of BON JOVI’s influence can be heard on the vocals and backing vocals outfit), the accessible insight of “Reach Out”, the mix of Hard/Glam Metal elements with the thunderous fury of Heavy Metal heard on “Street Lethal” (due the oppressive and massive rhythmic work of bass guitar and drums), the melodic and tender appeal of “In the Middle of Nothing” (another great work of the guitars is heard), and the accessible set of melodies used on “One Fire - One Goal” (a hit for the radios in the 80’s for sure). This album can be described as a collection of hits, indeed.

Well, again an album of the year will be on the list of the best of the next year, because CRAZY LIXX really created a masterpiece of the genre with “Street Lethal”. And a deeper desire and hope of this writer: that the band and the partners from Sweden can unleash a new invasion of the genre throughout the world. We all deserve it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Enter the Dojo
2. Rise Above
3. Anthem for America
4. The Power
5. Reach Out
6. Final Fury
7. Street Lethal
8. Caught Between the Rock N’ Roll
9. In the Middle of Nothing
10. One Fire - One Goal
11. Thief in the Night
Danny Rexon - Vocals
Chrisse Olsson - Guitars
Jens Lundgren - Guitars
Jens Sjöholm - Bass
Joél Cirera - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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