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Creatures - Creatures

by Neil Beardsley at 05 January 2022, 6:06 AM

Dig out your best spandex trousers and set the Sat-Nav for 80's Sunset Strip - Cast your minds back to the early 80's (if you're old enough or dream of how awesome it was if you're too young) and imagine one of those amazing clubs like the Whiskey full of rockers and watching some of the bands of that era. Now imagine that New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) band Saxon stroll in and spot Motley Crue at the bar…after a wild night of passion they produce a love child and that love child’s name is Creatures. At this point, for legal reasons, I can confirm such a meeting never occurred nor the ensuing baby making but what I can confirm is that the aponymous debut album from Brazilian hard rockers Creatures certainly helps with the time travel.

Now let's get some things straight here. Not for a second am I suggesting that this album hits the heights of some of that era's best. It’s definitely not a Long Cold Winter or a Shout At The Devil but it certainly would fit well amongst the pantheon of similar bands that sprung up in the 80's. Truth be told they remind me much more of British rockers Dare whose 1991 album Blood From A Stone is an absolute stormer so this is hefty praise. Hailing from Curtiba, Brazil, messers Cantaleano and Scienza seem to have broken away from the plethora of extreme metal bands that are numerous and gone down the hard rock route and with a certain degree of success. There is no shortage of great heavy metal riffs, hooks and the obligatory ballads and fans of this genre will find plenty to enjoy.

The album kicks off with ‘Children Of The Night’ which is a solid rocker and begins with a fade in gang vocal reminiscent of Def Leppards ‘Don’t Shoot Shot Gun’, and the earworm of a chorus will bury its way through your cochlear all day.  Track 2 ‘Heart Attack’ keeps us on familiar territory and continues the obligatory big riffs and big chorus’. ‘Dressed To Die’ was the first single to be released from the album, way back in January 2020. From the get go this song screams NWOBHM but also made me think of Thin Lizzy no less. The great intro and bridge lead us into another chorus that you’ll find yourself singing at the till or in the library (shhhh).

Having digested the 3 rocking starter’s we move onto the main course of songs 4 and 5 where the pace is slowed a little. ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ starts with a Samboraesque acoustic intro before the power ballad guitar kicks in a Whitesnake ’87 style. Had this track been released in the mid 80’s it would have seen plenty of rotation on MTV.  ‘A Knife Into My Heart’ gives us a second acoustic intro before exploding into a more rock based track but still a slower tempo than the opening salvo. The only time the ball is dropped, in my opinion, is on the 3 minute plus instrumental track ‘End Of The Line’. The musicianship is good and it’s a perfectly fine guitar piece but on an album of just 8 tracks I don’t feel it enhanced the record. I’d have much preferred another balls out rocker with a romping chorus. If I want a guitar instrumental I’ll listen to Vai or Satriani. Just a minor grumble.

The second single from the album ‘Lightning In My Eyes’ gets us back on track with another NWOBHM driven anthem and yet more earwormery. But for me they save the best til last with the varied tempo of ‘Satan’s Finest’. A brilliant, riff ladened intro leads us into a track reminiscent of the brilliant debut album from L.A. Guns. In fact so Guns is the sound that Scienza even sounds like Phil Lewis. What Creatures have done here is taken us back to a time when metal did truly rule with a burst of fun packed hard rock tracks that would grace any rock radio station or club. Is it a classic? Probably not. Will it be influential and talked about for years to come? Well, no. But what it does do is stick a smile on your face and make you forget your worries for a while.

Coz I’m a live, Live Wireeeeee…

4 Star Rating

1. Children Of The Moon
2. Heart Attack
3. Dressed To Die
4. Nothing Lasts Forever
5. A Knife Into My Heart
6. End Of The Line
7. Lightning In My Eyes
8. Satan’s Finest
Roberto “Bob” Scienza – Vocals
Mateus Cantaleäno – Guitars
Record Label: Iron Oxide Records


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