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Credic - Vermillion Oceans

Vermillion Oceans
by Ricardo Casagrande at 25 May 2022, 5:43 PM

Formed in 2005, this Melodic Death metal band from Stuttgart, Germany released a self-titled demo in 2007, before putting out their first full length release Patchwork of Realities in 2010. After eight years they released the album Algora in 2018 through Green Zone Music Records. Now in 2022 and through Black Lion Records, the band has released their newest album Vermillion Oceans.

“Tides Disharmonized” opens the album up with an aggressive pace before calming and becoming a pretty melodic track. With blast beats and muted riffs the music takes on an off-timing breakdown before a well played solo carries the track to a finish. The next track “Vermillion Oceans” has a good mix of melodic keyboards and thrashy Death metal. The breakdown takes on a progressive feeling to the music as the band changes the tempo on the track very well. You are brought back to the early nineties with the next track “Darkened Fields” as it embodies the heavily melodic metal that was evolving the European heavy metal scene at the time. Stefan’s deep raspy growl complements the track with a Viking style roar.

“The Path” is a keys and sync dominated song that uses them to lift the track up as they play a key role behind the vocals. “Interhuman Gravity” uses furiously paced drumming to deliver a headbanger of a track that Waldemar takes control of from the very start and does not let up. The bass takes on a fill behind the soaring guitars that sounds great and is an aggressive force throughout the track. A stand out song on the release for me. The album has its, in your face, high octane track in “Chosen Ordeal”, with a ground shaking rhythm section at a frantic pace, the guitars open up with creative and technical riffs. The final track off the release is another stand out called “Long Street” that inherits all you could want in a Melodic Death metal track. From catchy riffs to drums that you can bang your head to, the music pieces itself together as a well structured song.

The album takes you down a very melodic path with clever use of keys and with very well structured songs. The production side is great as you can pick up on everything very clearly. The music has a dark sided edge to it but brings with it the aggressive Viking style of melodic metal especially with the vocals. A good release for any fan looking to wet their Melodic Death metal whistle.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Tides Disharmonized
2. Vermillion Oceans
3. Darkened Fields
4. The Path
5. Interhuman Gravity
6. Autumn’s Spring
7. Chosen Ordeal
8. The Mountains Between Us
9. Tethys
10. Long Street
Stefan Scheu - Vocals
Andreas Steinle - Guitar
Oliver Ecke - Guitar
Martin Stump - Bass
Waldemar Janzen - Drums, Electronics
Record Label: Black Lion Records


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