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Crescent - The Order of Amenti Award winner

The Order of Amenti
by Clarissa "Wulf" Wright at 31 January 2018, 11:32 AM

CRESCENT is an Egyptian blackened death metal band, having formed in 1998 by Ismaeel Attallah and Amr Mokhtar. Inspired by bands such as DEATH, BOLT THROWER and the world of Swedish black metal. In 2013, they released their debut album “Pyramid Slaves”, mixing black/death metal with Egyptian symbolism and history, having also represented Egypt at Wacken Open Air in 2014. Interestingly, it is said that CRESCENT is the first Egyptian metal band to have toured Europe. With the release of “The Order of Amenti” on Feb 9th 2018, the band describe this as a tribute to the Ancient Egyptian Gods, giving honor to their history and country. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, incorporating ethnic Egyptian musical instruments.

“Reciting Spells To Mutilate Apophis” has an ethereal occult beginning, before drums drill away, giving a surge of power and momentum to the song. Vocals are deep and death-metal in style. Guitars slide in smooth transitions over the fretboard, contrasting lower grinds with higher-pitched riffs. I loved the break downs used towards the end of the song. The odd choral synth strengthened the high-pitched surge of the guitars. “Sons of Monthu” is packed with deep bass, with a ‘thrashy’, rhythmic start. Tremolo guitars reverberate in union with the fast drum techniques. Vocals do not come in till after a third the way through, which progress the song further after a heavy, catchy start. By comparison to the previous track, this song is persistently deep and low.

“Obscuring the Light” repeats an obscure guitar riff, leading the listener into a chaotic vortex. Vocals get more unpredictable, screeching in different pitches unexpectedly. The final track “In the Name of Osiris” has a relatively slow and low-toned start, before higher pitched tremolo guitars carry it forward. Deep break downs, and thuds of the drums make great headbanging moments. Over half way through, a slowed, muted guitar and whispering vocals take us into an atmospheric trance. CRESCENT is carries forth Egyptian elements in their heavy sound. After hearing “The Order of Amenti”, I find the elements of Egyptian culture and symbolism brings uniqueness to the band, and a different kind of meaning behind the music, in being close to the band members’ heritage.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Reciting Spells To Mutilate Apophis
2. Sons of Monthu
3. Obscuring the Light
4. Throught The Scars of Horus
5. The Will of Amon Ra
6. Beyond the Path of Amenti
7. The Twelth Gate
8. In The Name of Osiris
Ismaeel Attallah - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
Youssef Saleh - Backing Vocals/Guitar
Moanis Salem - Bass Guitar
Amr Mokhtar - Drums 
Record Label: Listenable Records


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