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Crevassian - Crevassian Award winner

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 04 January 2019, 8:29 AM

CREVASSIAN is an Atmospheric, Progressive, Instrumental, Post-Metal band based out of the UK. They are self-releasing their debut album here, which contains four tracks. Let’s get down to the music here. “Tempest” opens the album. It comes at you hard out of the gate, with a firm and somewhat dark temperament, and a heavy backbone. The bass lines dance and really provide the structure for a lot of the sound. When you have a bass player Luke Fabian who plays this well, I say let him play. Some choppy accents come into play a bit later, giving the song some grittiness.

“Firmament” opens with hopeful clean guitar notes and a great bass line. When it all comes together, it has a menacing bite and a heavy tone. Dualing guitar parts mark the passage as well, working against each other but at the same time in an odd sort of unison. It definitely gives the track some complexity. This encompasses the Progressive elements in the album, because keeping track of the shifting meter is difficult. “Those Forever Ghost” is another dark and murky track, with clean guitars ringing out like bells over a gritty bed of instrumentation. The juxtaposition is very well done here. At around the half-way mark, the sound drops a bit for a more ambient passage, then the guitars return in a heavy, Djent fashion, and those clean guitar bells ring out through the end.

“Summit” is a near ten-minute closer. It is heavy, aggressive and cinematic at first, before settling into a bit of a groove, with clear bass guitar notes and some instrumental dexterity. Once again, competing guitar passages work against each other to create the synergy that the album has so well. Layers are added along the way, giving it great texture and the semblance of a chorus, if there were vocals. At the half-way mark, it changes rhythm to an almost hopeful and jovial sound, where it bounces around for a spell, gathering steam, and then comes at you with all guns blazing, with a bright energy that swallows the sorrow, building a crescendo through the end.

Sorrowful, but with a punchy energy, and dark overtones, this is excellent Post-Metal. The Progressive elements are there just enough to keep it interesting but do not take over the main sound. The real hero here is Luke Fabian’s bass work, and the band for letting his notes be heard loud and clear. The dynamic interplay between the guitars is the other fascinating part of the album. They play with precision and confidence, and know how to build so that the sound is big and rich when it needs to be but ambient and more cautious at other times. It makes the big moments even bigger. I can’t wait to hear more from the band in the future.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Tempest
2. Firmament
3. Those Forever Ghost
4. Summit
James Humphries – Rhythm Guitar
Nick Povey – Drums
Luke Fabian – Bass
Cody Gaffney – Lead Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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