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Criminal - White Hell (CD)

White Hell
by Ian Kaatz at 15 March 2009, 7:49 PM

I am a fan of blind reviews just solely based on the bands that they are similar to. Before selecting the CRIMINAL review I saw that they were similar to KREATOR. Since they are one of my faves of all time, I grabbed this up immediately. I love some great Thrash Metal, particularly German, and I was even more intrigued to hear a Chilean German Thrash Metal.

The band started out in the 1990s in Chile and was formed by Anton Resisenegger and Rodrigo Contreras. The band has opened for KREATOR, SLAYER, and SEPULTURA in their native Chile. They have released a total of six full length albums.

The sound that is heard on this record is definitely German Thrash at its roots, but there is quite a bit more beneath the KREATOR comparison. This is particularly evident in the vocal delivery which is more along the lines of DARKANE err.. should I say DARKANE sounds like CRIMINAL since the latter has been around 5 years longer. I can also hear the Swedish Death influence in the guitars from time to time. This Swedish influence is very evident on the second track on the album Crime And Punishment.
On their MySpace page it says something to the affect that they have been, combining Hardcore, Death and Thrash long before it was called Metalcore or something along those lines. I personally don't hear much Hardcore in their sound at all, I guess it's just very sparse.  I think I counted like 3 or 4 breakdowns on the whole album though, so to each their own I suppose.  Another small gripe I have is that I would prefer the vocals to be less slightly less guttural and Death-oriented and more Thrash-y.

3 Star Rating

21st Century Paranoia
Crime And Punishment
Black Light
The Deluge
Strange Ways
The Infidel
Eyes Of Temptation
Sons Of Cain
Anton Reisenegger - Guitar, Vocals
Rodrigo Contreras - Lead Guitar
Zac O'Neil - Drums
Dan Biggin - Bass
Record Label: Massacre Records


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