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Crimson Death - Social Born Killer

Crimson Death
Social Born Killer
by Matt "Wolverine" Johnson at 29 November 2014, 6:10 PM

The hard-hitting quartet CRIMSON DEATH are on the scene with some serious Heavy Metal music to be heard on their fourth and latest release "Social Born Killer." It's their first release with 7hard Records and if you know anything about this band, their mascot "Evil Joe" would probably give this one a sure thumbs-up. The Black Metal-infused Death and Heavy Metal that this album is full to the brim with provides some pretty groovy and progressive tracks that any Metal fan could appreciate if they are looking to explore what's out there.

Beginning with the appropriately-named "Intro", the listener can hear the sound effects of some unknown event, probably taking place in the dark recesses of some captive institution. The killer escapes and lets out a twisted chuckle, knowing he will soon strike again. After the thirty-five-second opening track (more of a soundtrack), "Breaking Out to Kill" conveniently confirms the suspicion of the aforementioned events. There is gonna be some evil shit and it's gonna happen soon. The crazed speed tempo of the drums is a good indicator of that and the prominence of speed riffs cannot be overstated since our villain will likely kill in a swift manner.

Carrying the torch and fitting with the stylistic sound the album as a whole has taken, the remainder of the ten-track release does not stray far from its musical formula. And might I add, its creators have a great formula. Despite the awesome recording and production, some of the songs don't really transition well from the previous track, or onto the next track, but that was just a small detail to make note of as I was listening. Similar to Alex Koehler's low growls in the band CHELSEA GRIN, the vocals here are somewhat stressed but have a decent tone that does not outdo the instrumentation. If I had to make a suggestion, I'd say add a little more variety to the vocals and see what happens.

I think that "Social Born Killer" proves CRIMSON DEATH have continued to engineer some "killer" Metal and I was very pleased overall with it. If you listen through it without looking over your shoulder at least once to see if you're alone, you haven't done it right. The grooves, chills, and thrills run aplenty, so enjoy the time spent beneath the CRIMSON DEATH!

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Breaking Out to Kill
3. Dominion
4. Once They Tasted Blood
5. Flesh Craving
6. F60.2
7. Mind on Fire
8. The Redeemer
9. Cannibal and Proud
10. Reap What You Sow
Patrick - Vocals, Guitar
Kevin - Guitar
Sebastian - Drums
Max - Bass
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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