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Crisis Never Ends - Kill Or Cure (CD)

Crisis Never Ends
Kill Or Cure
by Rena Koutsou at 30 December 2008, 9:00 AM

I will have to borrow almost the exact words that the label of CRISIS NEVER ENDS wrote to their biography cause I feel like they are big time overdrawing. The German five lineup was formed in 1999 and since these days they keep on insisting playing in a modern hardcore/metalcore way. The first paragraph finishes by mentioning that they became one of the hottest acts with a great attitude and a breath taking live performance. Well, I have no idea about their performance but regarding the title  breathtaking act I can only react like this: Are you kidding me?!? I really listened to this album so many times and that is because I couldn't resign the fact that they their playing qualifications have a so contrary analogue to their musical ideas.

Unfortunately I kept concluding at the same results: This is one of the reasons that Metalcore music is being underestimated by some other style fans and the reason we are sick and tired of listening again and again to the same things/copies. I really understand that in the release of this album time and money were spent and - believe me - I don't like judging so strictly any band, but it is really annoying when you see that some people ignore the fact that uniqueness is something that counts, especially in these days where promoting yourself via Internet etc causes the formation of uncountable number of bands, all with the same bitter flavour.

What exactly is CRISIS NEVER ENDS' music? AS I LAY DYING wannabes. Melodic a la IRON MAIDEN riffs with spastic vocals and breakdown tempos repeating on the whole Kill Or Cure album.

I really hope that the band is going to keep the only good thing that is written here in this review, forget their fashionable expectations and account their talent in something more personal.

2 Star Rating

Last Kiss Goodby
Five Years
Against Them All
From Now On Forever
Kill Or Cure
More Than Words
All Sorrows End
Stop And Think
Heiko Blocher - Vocals
Michael Hafner - Bass
Stephan Hildebrand - Guitars
Jurgen Kurz - Guitars
Sascha Beul - Drums
Record Label: Prevision Music


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