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Critical Defiance - No Life Forms

Critical Defiance
No Life Forms
by Phil Tyler at 03 September 2022, 4:28 AM

CRITICAL DEFIANCE  are a ‘Violent’ Thrash Metal band from Chile. This is their second album released by Unspeakable Axe Records. To sum this up, its unashamedly old-school thrash blasting along at 200 miles an hour with loads of blistering solos and lyrics spat out like venom. It opens with the fast and furious “A World Crumbling Apart”. As the vocals are spat out, it was hard to understand them though fortunately I managed to get hold of the lyrics:

“A new order begun
The dollar predominates
The economic war was the key
Their greed will prevail.”

It’s a soundtrack to the current economic times we’re in so suitably apt. Felipe sounds like a cross between John Tardy of OBITUARY and Max Cavalera of SOULPLY and it certainly suits the breakneck pace of the track. Rumbling thunder and crashing guitars introduce “The Last Crusaders…Bringers of Death!” There’s a more melodic breakdown midway through the track before screaming solos abound. The bass though seemed very scratchy and was a little distracting and it’s the same with the instrumental track “Elephant”. “Elephant” is a pretty decent instrumental track to be fair and is certainly furious and intense.

The songs do start to sound very similar though at less than 30 minutes, it’s not laborious to listen to. It just lacks variety. My favourite track is the title track and last one on the album. It’s the longest too at 5mins 31 seconds and starts to add some variety. The intro particularly has a rolling bass riff, some nice crashing drums and heavy riff. It sounds suitably apocalyptic and with lyrics like:

“Neither prophecies
Nor obsessive precautions
Can save us from the end”

It definitely makes an impact along with some punchy riffs, thrashy solos and ends on rumbling thunder. CRITICAL DEFIANCE has delivered an album that kicks hard, fast and furious. It’s not doing anything original but that isn’t its intention. It just delivers 10 tracks (2 instrumentals) of old-school thrash, furious drumming and blistering solos and if that’s your bag, you’ll probably enjoy it. Apart from the last track though it did lack variety and wasn’t particularly memorable.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1.  A World Crumbling Apart
2.  The Last Crusaders… Bringers of Death!
3.  Altering the Senses
4.  Dying Breath
5.  Elephant
6.  Edge of Consciousness
7.  Kill Them with Kindness
8.  Warhead (Emotional Fallout)
9.  We Were Never Here to Stay
10.  No Life Forms
Rodrigo Poblete - Drums
Felipe Alvarado - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Ignacio Arévalo - Bass
Javier Salgado - Lead Guitar
Mauricio Toledo - Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Unspeakable Axe Records


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