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Critical Defiance - Misconception Award winner

Critical Defiance
by Kyle Scott at 13 February 2019, 12:54 PM

Skyscrapers collapsing in a burning heap of steel and glass against a blackened sky of smoke, pikes in the ground skewer human skeletons and soldiers in full battle gear run towards the burning chaos on the cover of Misconception by CRITICAL DEFIANCE. Directly channeling SODOM and early KREATOR’s warrior energy, CRITICAL DEFIANCE supplies who ammo crates of their own Thrash energy. The spirit of war runs deep in their first debut to world, absolutely roaring towards oblivion on treads of fire while carpet bombing all the tracks with weighty blast beats.

There is no sign of surrender on Misconception as well as no sign of retreat. CRITICAL DEFIANCE and their listeners are fully prepared to die for the cause. Sparing no stirring speech to bring justice back, CRITICAL DEFIANCE goes right ahead and charges into the thick of the fray in the opening track “Desert Ways”. It’s a punishing triptych of guitars and unending waves of crashing symbols that shapeshift throughout the track and leaves you guessing where the battle train is headed next, a common theme found throughout Misconception’s entire playthrough.

Next stop, “Spiral of Hatred” has already set fire to a majority of the song with tall walls of flames licking the drum kit. CRITICAL DEFIANCE create sonic landscapes of lush jungles teeming with deadly creatures and poisonous flora while deadly people wait to strike from hidden locations. There are plenty of spills and thrills on this album but if you want a nonstop, fast-paced circle pit party, look no further than “Onset”. Seven minutes and seven seconds of aggressive, headbanging goodness (a good minute longer than “Desert Ways”CRITICAL DEFIANCE has brought with them not just an army for Misconception, but an entire war comprised of several opposing sides all rushing to the center to die violently en masse.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 10


4 Star Rating

1. Desert Ways
2. Spiral of Hatred
3. Punished Existence
4. 507
5. What About You
6. Onset
7. Pursuit of Chaos
8. Misconception
Nicholas Pastene - Drums
Felipe Espinoza - Guitars
Felipe Alvarado - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Ignacio Arevalo - Bass
Record Label: Unspeakable Axe Records


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