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Critical Mess - Man Made Machine Made Man Award winner

Critical Mess
Man Made Machine Made Man
by Kyle Scott at 02 July 2019, 9:18 AM

CRITICAL MESS is some really filthy Death Metal from Hanover, Germany. Carrying a sound that rattles and shudders like rusting goliath machinery, CRITICAL MESS is an efficient predator of a record with a devotion to 90s Death engraved in their DNA. "Man Made Machine Made Man" being their sophomore album, CRITICAL MESS knew they had to bring the noise, so they brought it in a six-ton steel cage and let it loose. The sound of thundering hooves from the drum stampede charges along tracks bristling with rusty, barbed razor riffs. "Man Made Machine Made Man" is a hulking reanimated corpse still stinking of freshly-tilled Earth.

Blessed with a vocal range that would make Corpsegrinder Fisher green with envy, frontwoman Britta Görtz (oddly the only member without a nickname) absolutely destroys any expectation for how low a metal vocalist can sing, let alone how low a female metal vocalist can sing. Görtz summons all the unholy moaning of a horde of undead armies in her voice and forces it into the microphone with all that her will allows. CRITICAL MESS doubles down on the heavy for this album with vibrating bass riffs and unstable drumlines to create a warzone of sound with enemies attacking on all sides.

Beats march at an even-stepped pace as mortar rounds and screaming missiles detonate their payloads in "Revolution 5" and "Echo"; a small composure amidst an entire field of mass chaos. The hardest hitting track may be "Cut the Chord", a track driven by some high octane, diesel fretwork. Man Made Machine Made Man exudes pure, primal rage tearing itself apart in fits of stir crazy confinement. Songs like "Generation Fork" and "No Gods" feature rumbling chords that generate huge, choking clouds of smog from the burning strings. CRITICAL MESS' toxic buildup has achieved maximum level contamination with their sophomore release.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 10


4 Star Rating

1. Revolution 5
2. Echo
4. Bias
5. Cut the Chord
6. Demise
8. Generation Fork
9. No Gods
10. Man Made Machine Made Man
11. Prequel
Christian "Lommer" Wiesener - Bass
Benjamin "Benny" Komatitsch - Drums
Marco "Elmo" Evers - Guitars
Britta Görtz - Vocals
Record Label: Metalville


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