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Crosson - Live At The Orpheum

Live At The Orpheum
by Craig Rider at 05 September 2021, 3:08 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: CROSSON; signed via Galaxy Records, hailing from Aussie grounds - performing Theatrical Glam Rock, on their 6th Live Album entitled: “Live At The Orpheum” (released 06/25/2021).

Since formation in 2006; the sextet in question have 6 Albums in their discography so far entitled: “Head For Earth” (released 13th February 2006), “We Are The Future” (released 5th of March, 2008), “Spreading The Rock n’ Roll Disease” (released 21st of January, 2013), “Invincible” (released 27th April, 2018),  “Rock n’ Roll Love Affair” (released 27th of April 2018) & this here deliverance of which I am introduced to entitled: “Live At The Orpheum”. 12 tracks ranging at around 42:57; CROSSON arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Theatrical Glam Rock developments.

Opening up with this otherworldly shroud of static, this godlike divinity speaks out CROSSAN’s intent within “Banished”. Until this rocking maelstrom romps out amplified adrenaline, amongst a blistering barrage frenzy on rampantly rompy rivets within “Everyone’s A Star” (made famous from T.N.T. veterans). An exhilarating party song which thunders with harmonic expertise as catchy calamities implement a jumpy ramification on rhythmic virtuosity, surging with quintessential grooves and dynamically distinguished impact. “We Will Rock You” is a cover of QUEEN’s staple rocker, metalized with glam flamboyance, infusing a healthy dose of rock/bluesy executions and vibrantly potent shreds which rocks the Orpheum with strong motivation while feel-good singsong momentum gets attendees going in no time.

Consisting of Jason Crosson on lead vocals/guitar; the frontman excels at a clean foundation on borderline chords that showcase throaty soars, with rough singing stability. Pipes roar with yelling verve, vivacious synergy & mellifluous euphony. Guitars fret with rapidly swift nimbleness, dextrous grinds and hybrid experimentation amongst a meticulous pursuit on thumpy rifts that manifest with uniquely versatile vehemence & skyrocketing finesse. “Never Give Up” , immortalised by a band called SIA, captivates eardrums with zealous kicks & snappy melody. Dave Ben Lee on guitar/vocals also attributes a creatively complex flair on striking hooks, uplifting revs and fluidly polished twinning attacks in which snare with rollicking chugs amongst a fuelled chisel on frolicking persistence.

Wanna Be Japanese” distils a fun fabrication on organic substance & stereotypical systematic on mesmerising symphonies where rocking eclat hymns out elegant chimes, hefty piledrives & volatile yet rambunctious drum hammerings from Kyle Barr while this venomously salubrious synthetic injects an infectiously audible slab on rumbling thuds from bassist Tory Giamba (also on vocals) who supplies sturdy trembles profusely especially in “Invincible”. “We All Need An Enemy” starts off with this voiceover of war until ripping guitars chop with upbeat vigour until “Money, Money, Money” the infamous ABBA track unleashes familiar characteristics in which makes the crowd go crazy to - everyone knows this one & CROSSON give it the rock ‘n’ roll treatment robustly which thrills speakers & rocks souls with thoroughly.

Weak At The Knees (For A Hot Brunette!)” is another tuneful jamboree of moving old school glam, heavily reminding me of STEEL PANTHER or KISS - in a retro rock fashion…similarly profound in “Broken” which has this neoclassical hint of AOR transparencies where this orchestral element at an anthemic ballad forges epic solidities on symphonic songwriting musicianship qualities. While the penultimate track introduces everyone performing until the overall concluding banger “Spreading The Rock ‘N Roll Disease” embellishes on feverish grandeurs, brilliantly completing this short but sweet live performance with excellent grandiose.

Bottom line; CROSSAN certainly outdone themselves with this one, although for a headline slot at 45 minutes…it’s a bit of a bizarre timeframe when headliners are usually 2 hours tops. However, if you are a big fan of this kind of music featuring a bunch of classic covers that most should have knowledge of, “Live At The Orpheum” most surely offered a healthy dose of some enjoyably entertaining hair rock revelations which surely deserves a handful of replayable spins to get you going. A discovery worthy of check out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Banished
2. Everyone’s A Star
3. We Will Rock You
4. Never Give Up
5. Wanna Be Japanese
6. Invincible
7. We All Need An Enemy
8. Weak At The Knees (For A Hot Brunette!)
9. Money Money Money
10. Broken
11. Interlude / Band Introduction
12. Spreading The Rock ‘N Roll Disease
Jason Crosson - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Dave Ben Lee - Guitar/Vocals
Tory Giamba - Bass/Vocals
Kyle Barr - Drums
Olivia Scanlan - Backing Vocals/Choreography
Liberty Thirsk - Backing Vocals/Choreography
Record Label: Galaxy Records


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