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Crotchduster - Big Fat Box Of Shit (CD)

Big Fat Box Of Shit
by Grigoris Chronis at 01 January 2004, 10:29 PM

So, how am I supposed to deal with this album? What a shitty (weird?) situation this is, at times. If there were five words to accompany this - God (or Satan), help me - 'review', I'd fairly choose: fart, farce, mental, cucumber and Spinal Tap. Well, the latter is a two-word set but who gives a fuck? You got the point…
From the ashes of no-limit obnoxious clown-ism, Crotchduster feature none other than Jason Suecof (Monstrosity/Capernaum), who now calls himself Fornicus Fuckmouth McFlappy. No other human members are included here, or so I assume. Don't know what this madcap had in mind - if he still carries one - but Big Fat Box Of Shit is surely a proper album to accompany an all-aunt tea gathering in the afternoon. Gentle expressions like …let me fuck that fuckin' shit…, …my mammal sauce is the best… and …let me lick your asshole, let me lick it clean… can also be featured in your latest PhD in order to save the world's butt from the aliens. As for the music? Weird Al Yankovic plays Death Metal and Benny Hill (R.I.P.) slaps his Hip Hop bass guitar, while - simultaneously - Abba jam with The Dukes under the 'sign' of the Spinal Tap. Now, eat your heart out…
If - or when - this album is placed in the Mid-Price Series of your music shop's selves, it may be a good proposal for a hilarious Jackass weekend. Till then, don't waste your money's value on this. Not because it's bad, but - simply - because you'll regret you bought it, no matter how hard you'll laugh your shit out…

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True Nature Of Williams
Big Top Williams
Cain Sings The Blues
Let Me Into Starfish Land
Mr. Indigent Erection
Mammal Sauce
Jogging In Hell
Stars Ingenious Cooter (Live)
Fornicus Fuckmouth McFlappy - Guitars, Vocals & Lyrical Devastation
Slippery Jim - Vocals, Destruction, Touching & Lyrical Devastation
Cain - Drums, Touching, Breathing Loud, Shedding & Licking
Record Label: Earache Records


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