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Crow’s Flight – The Storm Award winner

Crow’s Flight
The Storm
by Caio Botrel at 03 December 2019, 10:29 PM

CROW'S Flight is a band from Finland that mix Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Power Metal creating a unique kind of sound. These guys have recently released their newest album titled "The Storm" and that's what we are going to talk about.

The opening song from the album is "Intro" and it has a little bit of space sounds, synthesizers, rain and storm. "Forevermore" starts out with a great guitar riff and some nice keys arrangements that gave the song a pure kind of epicenes. The vocals are really good and it reminded me even of Jorn Lande which is cool. The chorus is amazing and it conquered me. "Circle Of Pain" starts with beautiful piano sounds that is soon followed by great guitar riffs, bass and drums. The bass sound and lines are really good on this one. This song has more of a Hard Rock vibe and that's good, because the band can diversify their sound and still sound like their own.

"The Mercenary" starts with a nice keyboard sounds great and the guitar riffs gave the song a whole Power Metal style. The vocal lines from the stanzas are good, but the you will love the chorus. There's a calmer part that reminded me of WHITESNAKE and I loved it. It's really good to see that the vocals are well used and can alternate between the drive aggressive ones to clean ones. "Read Between The Lines" has a really cool start that reminded me of some soundtracks from the 80's. I like how the song starts and develop into something heavy, but maintaining their uniqueness. "Final Sacrifice" starts out with a cool fingering guitar riff that is turned into a groovy one. The piano here is really good and this song has a different dynamic from the previous ones. I liked how they mixed up different influences on this one and that's sounds great.

"A Candle In The Storm" starts with a great and aggressive guitar riff and a heavy bass that gave the song a whole new dynamic. "The Path To Follow" is a more direct song that has heavy guitar riffs and keys that are really traditional in Power Metal. There's a lot of groovy and I think that this song sounds great live. "Sea Of Lies" starts with a beautiful and dreamy keyboard and guitar sound that reminded me of BLIND GUARDIAN and I loved it. This song has a dark sound but at the same time, it sounds happy. I'm pretty sure that they wanted to show their virtuosity on that song, because all the solos are pure technical and inspired.

"Darkness Within" probably has the most heavier riff on the whole album and there's a great tone. The vocals fit the instrumental perfectly and that's good. I'm really impressed by the guitar tone and riffs on this song. "Can't Be Undone" starts out with a cool bass sound and a synthesizer that reminded me of the 80's in a very good way. The chorus are catchy and this song could easily be part of a soundtrack from a 80's movie. Great job. "Home By The Sea" is a cover from the masters of GENESIS and although its different from the original song, they managed to put their own sound and style without fucking up the song. It's really hard to write a cover for a famous song and band, but they showed that its possible for them.

CROW'S FLIGHT has written and recorded a great album that have a lot of different influences going from Hard Rock to Power Metal, just awesome. These guys know how to play, know how to write and to record. I believe that they are one of the next promises of Power Metal from Finland and I think that they deserve their prize.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Forevermore
3. Circle Of Pain
4. The Mercenary
5. Read Between The Lines
6. Final Sacrifice
7. A Candle In The Storm
8. The Path To Follow
9. Sea Of Lies
10. Darkness Within
11.Can’t Be Undone
12. By The Sea (Genesis cover)
Markku Kuikka – Vocals
Marko Vehmanen – Guitars
Erno Hanhisalo – Guitars
Risto Raivio – Keys
Jussi “Leba” Lehto – Bass
Timo Rajala – Drums
Record Label: Ram It Down Records


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