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Cruadalach - Rebel Against Me

Rebel Against Me
by Jessica Pearman at 16 August 2015, 9:18 PM

CRUADALACH, formed in Prague in 2008, are best known for their Metal Orchestra of unique sound from genres including Folk Metal and Hardcore Punk. CRUADALACH has shared the stage with acts like IMMORTAL, ENSIFERUM, PRIMORDIAL, ELUVEITIE, KORPIKLAANI, and ARKONA. The band is back with their second full-length album “Rebel Against Me”. “Rebel Against Me” comes in with eleven tracks and a listening time of 40 minutes.

Rebel Against Me” starts with a tribal tone and spoken word of empathy and love with “Revolt Without a Name”. It turns to sung and screamed vocals and a much more Folk sound, but still keeps the initial tribal tone.

“Shiva World Dance Party”, track two, is far more “Folk” and the whistles are an additional goodness to this track. Not only do the whistles add greatness, but so does the bass. There is incredible bass play that shines through. The guitars and violin create the base of the music, which is high energy, and the drums keep the whole piece together. The vocals are screamed in this track and less sung with some growled vocals thrown in.

Track four “Earth Café” is my favorite track on the album. It is the epitome of Folk Metal and it’s music that is written like this that has me listening to Metal today. It’s soft and creates a more acoustic beginning that shows what CRUADALACH can create.

Wolves at the Gate” is another track that is a favorite of mine. Another that starts soft but this time the transition is much harder. This is a track full of drama and energy and too short. This is a great track to pair with “Life Worshipping Bastards, the bands first video release. This track is the full on Folk dance track, with a twist. The violin does an amazing job of keeping the “dance” in this track.

The only thing I find that takes away a bit from the over all appeal of the album are the vocals. The scream vocals sound like something that should be in a Punk or a Punk inspired Metal, although they could also be thought as unique to the genre, so it is not all off. The more I listened to the album, the better I liked the vocals, but I think the lower sung vocals should have been incorporated more, like in “Satyros”.

CRUADALACH is influenced by the most popular of Folk Metal bands like ELUVEITIE, KORPIKLAANI, and ENSIFERUM and their music shows it. They do have a uniqueness about them with the vocals they choose to use, which may drawn in more listeners than not. It’s something different, something refreshing, and something that can’t be deemed the same old Folk Metal.

3 Star Rating

1. Revolt Without a Name
2. Shiva World Dance Party
3. Stuff That Matters

4. Earth Café
5. Rebel Against Me

6. Wolves at the Gates

7. Life-Worshipping Bastards
8. Satyros

9. Karma to Burn

10. The Astralnaut

11. Ziemie Niczyje
Jan “Randal” Vrobel - Vocals

Tomáš “Ante” Nejedlý - Guitar
Honza “Pigboss” Knotek - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Petra “Ewenica” Jadrná - Shawms, Whistle, Bagpipes
Hanka “Honey” Slanařová - Violin

Eliška Navrátilová - Violin

Ondráš "Lazar" Novák - Bass
Michal “Datel” Rak - Drums
Record Label: MetalGate


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