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Crucified - Dead of Sleep Award winner

Dead of Sleep
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 08 September 2014, 3:28 PM

The mix of Hardcore and Thrash Metal called Crossover really has evolved to some kind of monsters nowadays, being inactive during all the 90s (I’m speaking in terms of appearances on newspapers and magazines, please). In these last 10 years, the style seems more aggressive, harsh and powerful, and the USA quintet CRUCIFIED is really a good name, as their EP “Dead of Sleep” turns clear.

Yes, all the old elements of Crossover are here, but these guys are really nasty!

They use a violent and virulent nasty form of playing fast and harsh, but as well their work is catching, with very good screamed vocals, thunderous guitar riffs and good solos, and heavy and technical rhythmic basis. So, be prepared for moshpit, and for have the walls of your house trembling down.

A good production, giving the quintet a very good sound quality, making all instruments sound as clear and heavy as they can. It’s an overdose of musical strength. As abrasive as old D.R.I. was in its more seminal work.

Their four songs are great, but beware of sound volume (your fathers and neighbors will complain a lot if you abuse too much), for “Dead of Sleep” starts the EP burning out from the speakers, a thunderous assault of abrasive vocals and great riffs, followed by the explosive “Conduit”, and insane HC attack made with great riffs and great drumming. The catching and furious “Unworthy” has a slower tempo, that one made by HC bands to start insanity in the middle of the public, a pogo dancing song. And closing the massacre, comes “Apathy”, introduced by great bass work, then turning in another abrasive song, with a mid tempo the makes the drums and bass sound great, but in the middle of the song, Hell comes on earth in a fast and brutal part. And these four songs, each one of them, do not last more than 3 minutes!!!!

Great stuff, indeed, and let’s hear and buy it!

4 Star Rating

1. Dead of Sleep
2. Conduit
3. Unworthy
4. Apathy
Nick Rockwell – Vocals
Phillip Trimbur – Guitars
Aaron Bates – Guitars
Clark Todd – Bass
Joey Raygoza – Drums
Record Label: Get This Right Records


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