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Crucified Mortals - Psalms Of The Dead Choir

Crucified Mortals
Psalms Of The Dead Choir
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 January 2017, 11:07 AM

Once more, you must repeat with me: “I shall not copy other bands”, “I shall not copy other bands”, “I shall not copy other bands”, and maybe thousands of millions of times repeating it will make you understand once and for all that without being yourself, you won’t get further. No, we don’t need any band to preserve what others already did. The discs and other musical medias are here as testimonies of the work. So, if you copy others bands works, you’re a loser, a follower, and never a leader.

That’s why bands as CRUCIFIED MORTALS don’t fit for the task to bring Metal to the future, because on “Psalms of the Dead Choir” is a great recollection of clichés from the 80s. By the Metal Gods, again the same formula used by SLAYER on “Show No Mercy” and “Hell Awaits” era mixed with influences from DESTRUCTION from “Infernal Overkill” times, when the quartet still got some influences from traditional Heavy Metal. The duo doesn’t make any effort to be different, to show something that comes from their hearts. The mold took over and destroyed them from inside. It’s just that proto Black/Thrash Metal that the veterans already know.

The production is another fail tentative to put them into an 80’s format, even with some modern quality here and there. It reinforces the conviction that these guys really are wasting their time and the fans their money. Unlike ENFORCER, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and some bands that really know how to create something of their own with their influences from the past, these two guys are doing what I already heard many times before. Once is enough for a lifetime.  Of course, they have some good moments on songs as “Traitor”, “Behind the Lurid Mask”, some good guitars on “Ominous Creatures” (but the feeling that I was hearing old SLAYER albums was really annoying), good tempos of “Into Eternity” (but the nasty way of copy what Tom Araya did on the past in some moments is disgusting), and “Hideous”.

Guys, you can love SLAYER, DESTRUCTION, SODOM or any other band from those days, you can love Metal from the 80s, but you’ll never be a band from the 80s. For the last cursed time: be yourselves! That’s the main lesson and heritage that my generation from the 80s left for you!

Originality: 0
Songwriting: 5
Memorability: 2
Production: 3

1 Star Rating

1. {
2. Traitor
3. Behind the Lurid Mask
4. Dusk of the Advent
5. Ominous Creatures
6. Into Eternity
7. Kill Upon Command
8. Hideous
9. Bringer of Death
Reaper – Vocals, guitars, bass
Ash Thomas – Drums
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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