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Cruenta Lacrymis – Sweetness & Blasphemy

Cruenta Lacrymis
Sweetness & Blasphemy
by Craig Thrasher Rider at 07 May 2015, 4:25 PM

A great female-fronted band from Padova, Italy. Symphonic Dark Death Metal at its finest I thoroughly enjoyed this album.

At first it begins with a scary intro “The Era of Cruenta Lacrymis” you know there’s going to be carnage already, and this is true as "The Steerman’s Curse" begins, they were right to title this “Blasphemy Side” the brutal, head crushing riff just makes me want to go nuts already. I especially love how gothic the theme is, I do however feel this could be more of a Black Metal band with this in mind but it does definitely have Death Metal elements within so it’s a nice touch for those both into the same genre, at least that’s how I feel, in that case Symphonic Dark Death Metal makes perfect sense then.

As the album carries on you feel more brutality and torment within this gothic realm of despair. Certainly not for those who are faint hearted, "Mother of Sigh" and "Burning Spirit" have exceptionally explosive lyrics and riffs, I would be surprised if no one headbanged if this was being played in full. Vocals of anguish, death and power. couldn’t ask for anything more brutal and epic. Drums and guitars sound pure evil too. Additional sounds add on the atmospheric dark tone this album/band provide. If you’re looking for positive vibes, this probably isn’t for you. It is positively deadly and gothic though.

The artwork especially fits the mood for a gothic Black / Death Metal vibe, the lyrics seem very emotional but powerful to boot, but give you that powerful don’t mess with me sense or this will happen, kinda thing.

As I progress into the “Sweetness Side” things feel more heavier but more enjoyable, not saying the album isn’t enjoyable but it’s a lesser tone than the “Blasphemy Side” it still sounds the same but you may get my point when you listen to it. Some killer riffs in this section though. Some killer everything I mean!

To end my first review, in conclusion this is still a great headbanger and worthy to be in anyone’s CD collection. Definitely one for Black Metal fans and Metal fans in general. Wouldn’t mind seeing them Live one day.

In a few words I’d describe "Sweetness & Blasphemy" - atmospheric, brutal and crushing.

4 Star Rating

1. The Steerman’s Curse
2. Mother of Sigh
3. Burning Spirit
4. Sicarius
5. The Ghost of the Jew
6. Downward
7. Circle of Damnation
8. Bloody Revenge
9. Luxury
10. False History
11. Sound of Soul
Erika – Bass
Daniele – Guitar & Programming
Elena – Vocals
Teo - Drums
Record Label: Metal Scrap Records


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