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Cruizzen - Free Ride

Free Ride
by MarcusTheRocker at 27 November 2014, 10:28 PM

Often when making records, it can be a good idea to include things that pay homage to your influences, be it a guitar riff that sounds familiar, or a vocal performance that takes cues from another singer. This will help the listeners to identify your influences if they recognize or identify a certain melody that sounds similar to another artist/band. I’ve noticed this quite a bit in records I’ve reviewed so far and some of them I have been able to identify, as it sounds familiar to songs and melodies I’ve heard from other Rock/Metal artists.

The band featured in this review is just one of those bands whom like to include melodies that pay homage to their influences in the music. The band in question is called CRUIZZEN, who will soon be releasing their sophomore album “Free Ride” and that will be the focus of this review.

Hailing from the Bavaria state in Germany, this 5-piece Hard Rock group released their debut album “Hellrocker” in 2006 before taking a break for several years and then returning this year to record and release their new album “Free Ride” on Pure Rock Records.

The album, which clocks in at around 55 minutes over 13 songs, is what you’d expect from a German Hard Rock album, as it’s filled with dirty bass riffs and heavy guitar hooks, as well as some powerful drumming. As the vocal performance, for the most part, the singer has taken cues from AC/DC’s frontman Brian Johnson and you can hear this in songs like “Soundmaker” and the title track “Free Ride” to name but a few.

There are some other Australian influences in the music as well, which is mostly present in the whiskey-drinker style vocals. Other influences to be found on this album include a vocal performance on the songs “Touch of Evil”, “Trouble” and “It’s Over” that seems to remind you of classic GUNS N’ ROSES with their singer Axl Rose and there’s a bit of IRON MAIDEN too in some of the guitar melodies on various songs.

I have to say the singer is very diverse in his influences and that is apparent, as you can easily identify who the voice sounds like and it must not have been easy to replicate the vocal styles of both Axl Rose and Brian Johnson and although I may not be a fan of either singers, I seem to favor the latter style rather then the former as the latter sounds a bit more clearer to me despite the fact that it may sound a bit hit and miss at times but that’s the style I prefer.

Verdict time now and I did find this very enjoyable all round as the guitar riffs are very heavy, the bass riffs sound deep and dirty, the drums are quite heavy and the diversity of the singer’s vocal style make for one interesting and enjoyable album. It may be a bit of a hit and miss in places with the vocal performance, but thankfully it’s not enough to completely put you off, as this is a very good album and one to look out for when it comes out.

4 Star Rating

1. Soundmaker
2. Rock And Roll Generator
3. Crazy Dayzz
4. Straight Down Dirt
5. Heaven Can Wait
6. Touch of Evil
7. Free Ride
8. Trouble
9. It’s Over
10. Lipstick On My Pillow
11. Sparkplugs Blowing
12. Love Is A Sweet Torment
13. Time
Alexander Mayer - Vocals
Captain H. Forster - Guitars
Michael Hennig - Guitars
Markus Kerscher - Bass
Renè Baumann - Drums
Record Label: Pure Rock Records


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