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Crusade of Bards – Tales of Bards and Beasts

Crusade of Bards
Tales of Bards and Beasts
by Jean-Francois "Jackal" Poulin at 14 November 2019, 11:41 AM

This is the debut release of the Symphonic Pirate Metal band out of Madrid, Spain, by way of Strasburg, Germany. Yup, you heard that right! They are literally storming Europe from one end to another. They are having a release party in the middle of November to celebrate the launch of this release. The band started out in 2015 and had this vision of doing things their own way, they combined the Symphonic Metal stylings of bands like WITHIN TEMPTATION and XANDRIA and mixed in the epic awesomeness of Pirate Themed Metal bands like the unforgettable ALESTORM or even 3 INCHES OF BLOOD.

And out came this album, a ten part opus, ranging from the grandiose of Symphonic Metal to the sea shanty we all love (or hate), depending on the person you ask! This album has a little bit for everyone. The middle of the album has the ‘‘An Ocean Between Us’’ song that is separated in two parts and really splits this album in two parts. It’s the middle ground of the story that they are trying to tell us through these songs. I really enjoyed the collaborations they offered us on this debut album. We have Henning Basse from the criminally underrated FIREWIND (I mean is there a more underrated Power Metal band out there?). He does some awesome vocals on the epic ‘’An Ocean Between Us – Part II – Ulysses Cry’’. This song was great but his addition just put it over the top. This might be my favorite song of the album. The duet between him and Eleanor Tenebre is breathtaking, this is an epic ballad and usually I hate these types of song but this song really touched me profoundly.

You also have Lady Ani (aka Ani M. Fojaco) from LAST DAYS OF EDEN, an Symphonic Metal band out of Lugones, Spain. I have never heard of this band before but her voice is magical, it gives you major goosebumps. She is very reminiscent of Anneke Van Giersbergen formerly of THE GATHERING. She does some pretty nice guest vocals on ‘’The Golden Vessel’’. The album was produced by the great Dani G. who has done some great work in the past with bands like the aforementioned FIREWIND, RAGE and countless others. He took his job to heart and the album sounds like a ton of bricks. Nothing is left out in the open and no instrument is overshadowing another. That’s the sign of a great producer.

The song that really peaked my interest was ‘’Pirates of the Night’’. This was really reminiscent of a band I discovered about 4 years ago called ‘’THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD’’. They are an acoustic Pirate Metal band out of California that specialize is songs that could have been sung back in the Pirate Age. These songs are new but song like old sea tales from back in the yesteryear. This is a very strong debut album. I hope they shall have a ton of success in Europe and all over the album. If you like Symphonic Metal, you will love this. I would have enjoyed more if it was a bit longer but it’s still a solid effort.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Remembering Quests
2. Of Bards and Beasts
3. The Golden Vessel
4. Four Fours
5. The Rise of the Kraken
6. An Ocean Between Us – Part I – Chapter Twelve
7. An Ocean Between Us – Part II – Ulysses Cry
8. Pirates of the Night
9. And So The Bards Sang
10. Gunpowder
Captain Tenebre - Vocals
Adrián Carrero "The Time Knitter" - Guitars
Mery "Deep Red" - Cello
Paolo Andreotti "The Bard" - Keyboards
Lara - Bass
Low Ed Silver - Grunts
You - Drums
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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