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Crusader - Skinclad (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 14 April 2007, 10:50 AM

Crusader' reminds me of British legends SAXON; 'Skinclad' - on the other hand - brings to mind the majesty of (again) British 'folk' masters SKYCLAD. This Belgium-based sextet has opened up for both abovementioned acts in respective gigs. And I wonder: a) is all of the above just a coincidence? b) what kinda music should I wait for, the previous info given?
Mark Theunssens, Erwin Van Bunderen, David Walgrave (vocals) and some Dirk on drums started it all back in 1996, exhausting themselves via playing Metal covers (all eras). The entry of axeman Filip Lasseel, however, marks the 'bye-bye' of all the 'covers' setlist and the beginning of CRUSADER's own music. Two albums - 2000's This Mortal Flesh and 2004's Fools - help CRUSADER gain enough of recognition with their multi-influenced Metal vibe. Between lineup 'come-and-go's - Nick Van Vlaenderen is completely blind almost since birth! - the band sees the driving force of Filip Lasseel leaving CRUSADER after Skinclad was recorded. Is this a 'pale' sign for the future?
Till then, let's focus on CRUSADER's current proposal. Being form Belgium does not offer muxh of a chance to sing in English rather supreme. Thankfully, the songwriting formula of CRUSADER - deriving elements from classic Epic Metal, atmospheric Euro Metal and some renaissance/folk sounds adapted in the Metal style - raises the interest of the listener in the first place. Above all, to sharpen things a little bit, let's accept the fact that CRUSADER are metallers, they have interesting dual leads, some kick-ass melodies and a total 'underground' Metal feeling (this also goes to the mediocre production…for good or bad?).
You know any 80s Metal bands form the BeNeLux? Does the names ANGUS, OVERDRIVE mean something to you? Have you ever imagined MANILLA ROAD keyboard-ing their sound? Are you familiar to what underground Greek Epic Metal acts do anno 2007? CRUSADER's music is good, it truly is. Still, I dunno how many fans will 'oversee' the average production and 'untrained' singing in benefit of the music itself. Really hope, though…since they have thier own Metal ID, and that's something that does not happen that easily in our days.

3 Star Rating

The Catcher
A Pure Heart
My Father, My Friend
My Mother, My Meadow
Hey You
The Confession - Part I
The Confession - Part II
David Walgrave - Vocals
Toshiyuki Nagatani - Lead Guitars
Wim Rotthier - Keyboards
Nick Van Vlaenderen - Drums
Mark Theunssens - Bass
Filip Lasseel - Guitars
Record Label: Shiver Records


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