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Crusher - Endless Torment

Endless Torment
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 27 February 2012, 11:40 PM

There are times where innovation can become a headache, therefore why not sticking to for what is already there and hope for the best? Same goes with the larger sum of the new age Thrash Metal bands. Coming from a Metal subgenre that needs no introduction, yet hasn't made much progress in the past two decades, if there was a progress it damaged it, only the youthful spirit will decide the outcome. Recently I was introduced by Pest Promotions to the Ukrainian trio Thrash band, CRUSHER along with their newly debut, "Endless Torment", via Metal Scrap Records. Let's say that it doesn't resemble "Endless Pain", yet the torment was delivered.

Influenced by what sounded to me like the American front of SLAYER and the European Thrash division of KREATOR and SODOM, this trio banged with the old school on their shoulders all the way to the finishing chords. I dig their production that resembled the slightly modern version of "Agent Orange" and a little bit of "Coma Of Souls", two of my favorite all star Thrash albums of all time. CRUSHER knew which sound pattern to choose.

Musically, I noticed that there were several attempts to break the highly known Thrash formula in order to become different in a manner that it wouldn't hurt the imagery but it went both ways while treading more on the negative side. "Den Of Inquity" is the best example where several types of riffages were put together, sometimes felt like with force, where there is almost no connection between them.

"Politishit", taken from the debut EP under the same title, along with the SLAYER cover of the old hit of "Jesus Saves", were the dominant ones of the pack. I would also recommend on "On The Needle" that is filled with older kind of aggression. Generally, I can say that there is a prospect within the material on this release; it bears the wild nature of the trio while not bowing down the current scene. Thrash might not be innovative in their case, and on many others, but it still sounds good. "Endless Torment" is nothing new; it tries to stand out without too much success but it is ok.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. On the Needle
3. Den of Inquity
4. Politishit
5. Endless Torment
6. S(k)atanic Ride
7. Jesus Saves (Slayer cover)
8. Living for…
9. Thrasher in Hell
Yaroslav Dyatel– Vocals / Guitars
Sergey Losev– Bass
Ruslan Babayev- Drums
Record Label: Metal Scrap Records


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