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Crushing Axes - Undead Warrior

Crushing Axes
Undead Warrior
by Paulomaniaco at 13 April 2015, 4:13 AM

CRUSHING AXES is one-man Death Meal band, formed in 2008 in Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil, and I am quite surprised that the band has not changed much in regards to its approach towards the music, its roots as well as its themes which is pretty much about Norse Mythology and exploring the side of human, mind and soul. Alexandre does a good job indeed doing all the music arrangements and lyrics, and since 2008 he has already unleashed upon us nine albums; "Bloodfield In Hell" 2008, "Viking Winter" 2009, "Legends" 2010, "Members Of Unholy Society" 2010, "Ascension Of Hules" 2011, "Black Book" 2011, "Lost Treasures" 2012, "Frozen Soul" 2013, "Evoking The Power Of Chaos" 2013.

"Undead Warrior" is more like an EP and not a full-length album, with six songs lasting twenty minutes and the novelty in this album is that Alexandre hired a drummer for the recording sessions and the outcome is very good indeed. The album follows the same path as its predecessors with a very raw and very simple production, quite melodic and heavy with a nice dark grove atmosphere throughout the album. "Death And Honour" is mid-tempo with not so complicated riffs and deep guttural vocals, very simple song but nevertheless very cool indeed. "Road Warrior" same thing in here; mid-tempo pace with nice galloping rhythm and very catching too. "Killing Ground"; very heavy and with a Doom touch.

As I said before a very simple approach without much fuss; Alexandre managed to write an easily digestible album - if you know what I mean - that's also very primitive, but that doesn't mean it is not good. I like the theme that he picked up and stuck to it, very melodic, heavy and dirty, the drummer did an amazing job in this album. I would have loved to hear more solos along the album, hopefully in the future that could be added, also it would be interesting to see CRUSHING AXES performing live.

Final verdict: "Undead Warrior" is a good and honest album, the production is very cool and the artwork is also very cool.

4 Star Rating

1. Death And Honour
2. Road Warriors
3. Killing Ground
4. Altar Stone
5. Painted People
6. Hear the Sacrifice
Alexandre Jose Rodrigues - Lyrics/ All Instruments
Gledson - Drummer
Record Label: Independent


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