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Cryosphere – Constellations Award winner

by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 26 July 2020, 9:47 PM

CRYOSPHERE have release a new EP on 23rd June 2020 called “Constellations” under Sliptrick Records (Grand Sounds PR.) There are 5 spanking new songs to be heard on the EP. The band who are from Roskilde, Denmark have created something special with this EP. This is CRYOSPHERE’s 8th release & for fans new & old alike, the band have created a treat to the ears on this new EP. The 5 tracks on “Constellations” are absolutely banging!

Opening the new EP is a song called “Into Decay.” The song opens with Sirene on vocals, she has an angelic voice, kinda reminds me of Amy Lee’s vocals with an EVANESCENCE kinda feel to her vocals. Anders vocals join in to give the depth & growl to the music. It’s a sharp contrast but good balance to Sirene’s sound. The song is quite haunting musically, an excellent way to open the EP.

I Am Become Death” is a harder sounding song, lots of growl & scream right from the start. It’s a song that jumps out the speaker & grabs you by the ears. The riffs in this song are hard & fast, played with fire & passion in the notes. The drum beats are on point, coming through crystal clear at just the right moments. The vocals are crisp & contrasted well against each other. A great match to give a unique sound, while Emil gives us awesome vibes from the guitars making the whole package complete.

Song number 3 is called “Nevermore” and is a bit different to the first 2 tracks. This song has a slow tempo to open with & gentle vocals with softer playing to open with giving way to the heavier riffs & growls. A highlight of the album for me, I really enjoyed the song a lot. The music gets faster and heavier through the song and it leaves the almost ballad feel behind to give way to some head banging sounds.

Ashes To Ashes” is song number 4 on the new EP “Constellations” and it’s a song which is 4 minutes 9 seconds long. It opens with the hail of drum beats & some nice strumming on the guitars, joined quickly by the vocals of both singers Anders & Sirene showing again how well the balance each other out & seem to be the darkness & light of the band.

The EP closes with the title track “Constellations.” It opens with a sound that makes you think of a movie perhaps an action or thriller. Like the music you would expect to hear at a very tense part of the film. Then it goes into a softer sound with the music being played without any vocals added. Another haunting sounding song, very easy to listen to. This song has to be heard when you play the EP as it’s a great way to close a great EP. I will definitely be listening to the bands other material as I thoroughly enjoyed this EP.

Overall I really enjoyed this EP & would advise giving it a listen on all major streaming platforms. The EP has been well written, well performed, mixed & mastered greatly & produced to a high standard. Defo worth slipping the volume up on this one for maximum benefit!

Songwriting 9
Musicianship 10
Memorability 9
Production 10

4 Star Rating

1. Into Decay
2. I Am Become Death
3. Nevermore
4. Ashes To Ashes
5. Constellations
Anders - Vocals
Sirene - Vocals
Emil - Lead Guitar
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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