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Cryptopsy - Self-Titled Award winner

by Diana Marsh at 30 August 2012, 2:53 PM

After 20 years, and with 6 studio albums, one live album, and one EP, CRYPTOPSY is still going strong, and with the release of their 7th album, simply titled “Cryptopsy”, they are showing no signs of slowing down. Their latest offering lets us relive their former brutality and speed (think of “None So Vile”) and is really just a good fucking album to crank.


As a whole, the album is awesome. It’s brutal, rhythmic, and intricate all at the same time. The album opens with “Two Pound Torch”, a solid punch in the face, complete with creepy intro and iron lung screams (what’s not to like about this?) “Shag Harbours Visitors” and “Red Skinned Scapegoat” show off a little more of Olivier Pinard bass work while “Damned Draft Dodgers” lets Flo Mounier’s drums just own the piece.


“Amputated Enigma” and “The Golden Square Mile” are just solid tracks, but I think “Ominous” has got to be my favorite. Jesus, that scream! Now that is an intro! Plus, the changing rhythms and the bass tracks hold your attention in strict anticipation of “what the hell are they going to do next?”


Finally if there is any sort of weak track on here to be found, I may accuse “Cleansing the Hosts” of being such. Only due to the fact that it doesn’t really standout per se. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still brutal and hell, just a tad bit less so than the rest of the album.


The new album, in my opinion, is awesome and hell yes I would recommend it to my Death / extreme Metal friends and family. Cheers!

4 Star Rating


1. Two Pound Torch

2. Shag Harbours Visitors

3. Red Skinned Scapegoat

4. Damned Draft Dodgers

5. Amputated Enigma

6. The Golden Square Mile

7. Ominous

8. Cleansing The Hosts


Flo Mounier - Drums

Jon Levasseur - Guitar

Chris Donaldson - Guitar

Matt McGachy - Vocals

Olivier Pinard – Bass

Record Label: Independent


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