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Crystal Eyes - Killer Award winner

Crystal Eyes
by Dan Mailer at 12 August 2014, 1:54 PM

Since 1998’s album "World of Black and Silver", CRYSTAL EYES have been keeping true heavy metal alive. With powerful vocals with epic harmonies to soaring lead guitars backed by strong rhythms, their new album “Killer”  is one to look out for.

Opening up with the chugging guitar rhythms of title track “Killer”, this song felt like a heavier Queensryche in the guitar riffs, with much more aggressive drumming and some nice melodic harmonies too. The vocals are really dynamic, from grittier moments in the verses to a really nice harmonised vocal in the chorus. This is a good opener with plenty of energy.

“Warrior” follows this up with a nice passionate and heavy number, with plenty of different moments throughout. This has more of a british metal feel especially in the riffs, and is quite a strong one in terms of songwriting. “Hail The Fallen” has a nice grooving main riff, with some cool high range vocals too. This one really demonstrates how versatile the vocals are really, with deeper grittier vox reaching to KING DIAMOND-like high notes.

This is a really strong album, with heavier stuff like “Solar Mariner” which is full on power metal style stuff after a short softer intro, to stuff like “Dreamers On Trial”  which is more of a ballad with some nice clean guitars and a nice light and dark dynamic with powerful riffs later on in the song. “Spotlight Rebel” is probably one of my favourites, with some really great guitar riffs, and some really fantastic vocal melodies too, with a really strong sound as a unit and tight songwriting too.

“Dogs On Holy Ground” closes the album with a straight up headbanging tune. Some great riffs here and a bit of an Ozzy style sound with some fancy guitar licks and some nice chords meeting vocals that are definitely stronger than the aforementioned SABBATH frontman.

The production is really cool on this album. You can tell this is a band that knows what their sound should be. It feels really old school with just a little modern edge too. The guitars and vocals are at the forefront here, but the rhythm section is really supportive and certainly gets to shine at times too!

Overall, this is definitely a really good album, with lots of great musicianship, and some great moments tied up with solid songwriting abilities and a great sense of melody. Killer is definitely one for fans of heavy metal played the way it should be.

4 Star Rating

1. Killer
2. Warrior
3. Hail The Fallen
4. Solar Mariner
5. Forgotten Realms
6. Spotlight Rebel
7. The Lord Of Chaos
8. Dreamers On Trial
9. Dogs On Holy Ground
Mikael Dahl - Vocals, Guitar
Niclas Karlsson - Guitar
Claes Wikander - Bass
Martin Tilander - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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